Why Kenya needs rotational Vice presidency

Why Kenya needs rotational Vice presidency


‘Those in TangaTanga have been saying that they wouldn’t care even if Ruto was to pick a running mate elsewhere (rather than from Mt Kenya) since they have nothing to show for dominating Presidency the longest. (Of course this is an emotional sentiment, nothing sincere). In short they are willing to relinquish that slot, for the sake of other communities.

However they are asking #Mugathe whether his recent assertions meant no other Kikuyu will rise to Presidency. Infact they claim that Uhuru is fighting his own.

Don’t get twisted. These are the same lot willing to shoot down BBI, an avenue that is supposed to strengthen their representation in both houses, being that we are one of the populous regions and to make bargaining easier for the community. Anytime I post here about #OneManOneVoteOneShilling and how our people shouldn’t be discriminated coz of their numbers, they are the first to oppose.

Well. Uhuru just repeated what they have been saying all along. But it’s convenient to shift goals just to demonstrate defiance. What happened to logic?’

By Mary Kigwa

Why Kenya needs rotational Vice presidency


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