Why Rigathi Gachagua is DP Ruto’s worst Choice, Bure KABISA!


Rigathi is Ruto’s Achilles heel

Achilles was a Greek soldier who had supernatural powers that made him indestructible and spears and arrows could not penetrate his body. Achilles however had one part of his body that was vulnerable to destruction, his heel. Greek mythology has it that Achilles mother dipped him into a river when he was a baby to make him invulnerable and the only part that was not touched by water was the heel she held. Achilles fought and won many battles but he was felled by an arrow that pierced his heel.

William Ruto just like Achilles, looked invincible to his rivals until Rigathi happened. Ruto has kept this country in campaign mode for the last four years, his boss did not like it but there was little he could do. Ruto has been accused of corruption and other wrong doings but none of the accusations bothered the hustlers. The hustlers said the system was targeting them, that Ruto was one of them and would form a government of hustlers. Then Rigathi Gachagua, a billionare with shady past happened and things fell apart. The hustlers started doubting Ruto and wondered why he picked a billionare and not one of them.

Rigathi hit the road running after his nomination but his utterances
while out there made things worse for his party. When Rigathi is not badmouthing the police force, he is badmouthing women guild and the choice of their dress. Then out of the blues and with no provocation, Rigathi tells the Kamba nation how insignificant their votes are. Rigathi within a short time has become a hit with Azimio crowd and whenever he was out of news, they demand that he be handed the mic. In Rigathi, the Azimio people found Ruto’s Achilles heel and are aiming their arrows at it. In the one or two months Rigathi has been running mate, he has done more harm to Ruto presidential bid than any other person.

It is not just utterances that make Rigathi an Achilles heel good for shooting practice. Rigathi has a dark history that is now coming out in the open. As a special DO for Molo, he is said to have facilitated the eviction and killing of his Kikuyu kinsmen. In Limuru where he was a DO in 1993, Rigathi oversaw a reign of terror that saw several people die and many injured. I watched a video clip of Limuru peasants telling of their tribulations during Rigathi reign and their tribulations sounded very similar to the ones told by people who lived through the emergency period of 50s in Mount Kenya region. Rigathi is godsend for Azimio but the man still need to be tried for the crimes against humanity.

Whereas Rigathi is Ruto’s Achilles heel, Martha Karua is Ruto’s waterloo. Ruto the self-proclaimed Mount Kenya kingpin is no longer sitting pretty. There is a new kid on the block and it is a girl, and man, this girl is kicking asses like no man can do.

Source: Kenya-Today


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