Kush Tracey Announces Exit From Switch TV


By Kush Tracey Kenya via fb

3years ago (5th November 2018)on this exact date I joined Switch TV Kenya as one of the original hosts of #chatspot I was a secular artist then & a few months after I got born again (19th January 2019) 3weeks after releasing my last single secular love song & all was great until I lost my way back to the secular world,this is a story I’m looking forward to sharing one of this fine days,but for today😇I’m truly grateful for the mercy the Lord has given me over the years,I’ve been reckless in my life drowned my hurt & pain in thrills & highs(story for another day🤦🏾‍♀️)but I don’t regret the decision I made to fully pursue Jesus Christ without looking back & not being bothered about anyones opinion defining me🤷🏾‍♀️The book of truth😊the Bible is what I’ve chosen to follow & use as a guide🪔on this journey in pursuit of salvation🙂

I’m honestly glad I’m not the person I was when I first came here & at the same time I must admit the growth process has been uncomfortable & painful but I’d do it all over again without thinking twice because the truth of God is hard & doing the right thing based on the word of God is even harder we all want it to go our way rather than God’s way🥺& it gets uncomfortable when we try not to conform to the ways of the world🤗but still the truth of God will always & forever remain the truth👉🏾MATTHEW 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

One thing I’ve learned is it’s easier to be of the world since you get to do what you want,but when you choose God it’s no longer about you but all about Him,I’m grateful to the changed mindset I’ve acquired through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit each time I study the word of God🙏🏾& I’m still a work in progress there’s a lot to be overcome & to be aligned as per the will of God & the calling over my life🙌🏾

🚨Don’t be afraid to outgrow a version of yourself that is mediocre & step into what God created you for aight😉

God bless y’all for me & I appreciate the love & support over the years❤️& happy 3rd anniversary to myself I’m so excited about what God has in store He truly is a miraculous & unpredictable God deserving all glory🙌🏾

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