Photos: “Friends of Uganda” demonstration turns chaotic, hundreds arrested

Photos: “Friends of Uganda” demonstration turns chaotic, hundreds  arrested


Friends of Uganda and friends of humanity met at the city centre to denounce the ongoing violence meted by the Ugandan government on Ugandan citizens supporting the frontrunner and opposition leader H.E Robert Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine.

As pan African brothers and sisters, we joined hands in solidarity calling for the world leaders and organisations to come out in solidarity to put an end to the ongoing crimes against humanity orchestrated by the outgoing President Museveni’s regime.

Haki Africa , Freekenya movement alongside other CSO’s , Human rights defenders, civil society and members of the public came together on 13th January 2021 to call out this transgressions on human rights and to demand that world and regional organisations to rise up to the occasion and stop this blatant abuse of power by the Ugandan state .

HAKI AFRICA CEO Hussein Khalid, Betty Waithera (social justice) and Mr. Onjiro (siaya county coordinator) we’re arrested by the Kenyan police while addressing the press and charged in court with holding an illegal assembly which contravened both the freedom of expression , freedom of media and freedom of movement.

As we move forward towards liberating Uganda we must also fast forward the agenda to #FREEKENYA from state capture.

We finally managed to bail out all the comrades on cash bail pending the plea which will be taken at Milimani court on Monday 18th Jan 2021.

Thereafter, we addressed the media at 6:00 PM after a long day in courts and the police station. The message was finally relayed worldwide via mainstream media and social media.

Ugandans go into elections today , this election has so far not been free nor fair . The will of the people MUST be reflected through the ballot.

I wish all Ugandans a peaceful , transparent , free and fair election 2021.

Once more, my heartfelt appreciation to all comrades who came out in solidarity to promote the principles of social justice , human rights , good governance, freedom, rule of law and constitutionalism.





Photos: “Friends of Uganda” demonstration turns chaotic, hundreds  arrested


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