OpinionMillions of struggling Kenyans endorse PM Raila for presidency...

Millions of struggling Kenyans endorse PM Raila for presidency 2022


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Strugglers Movement is a national movement of leaders from diverse sectors, political affiliations and
social standings converged together in pursuit of a better future, following their daily efforts in their
struggles. It provides a national platform to engage the political leadership that believes in and recognizes
the honest struggles in past, challenging struggles in the present and anticipate the end of the struggle for political and economic inclusivity, sustainable development, employment, fight against tribalism and
negative ethnicity, fight against corruption and theft of public money.

From the outset, Strugglers Movement acknowledges the successes and challenges of the past struggles,
take cognizant of opportunities in the present struggles and optimistic of ending future struggles through
leadership that honors those who heroically struggled for freedom and justice in the first and second
liberation. We recognize and remain committed to the protection and furtherance of the aspirations of all
Kenyans for a nation based on the essential values of equitable economy, shared prosperity, equality,
freedom, democracy, social justice, strengthened devolution and the rule of law as the foundation of our
shared future that will mark the end of all the struggles in this third and final economic liberation.

Strugglers Movement, therefore, intends to bring together the people of Kenya, protect them from the
political sharks who are taking advantage of their genuine struggles for a better future and converting
their past and current challenges into political tools of mass destruction, economic deceit and campaign

Strugglers Movement shall instead, enrich the perspective of Kenyans on the politics
of ideology that is free from tribalism, class divisions of the haves and have nots, negative ethnicity and
discrimination of any form. We strongly believe in the possibilities of the politics of sustainable
development that can only thrive in a peaceful environment.

The struggle ni Real BACKGROUND

Kenya is preparing for a general election in 2022, a transition election that has attracted all kinds of
politicians with a potentially divisive and sharp ideological differences but we must remain focused on the
real struggles for change because ‘The Struggle ni real’. Majority of Kenyans targeted by the deceitful and
conniving politicians are the strugglers, young people and the marginalized groups who are always the
minority in service provision, leadership opportunities, decision making and political representation
among other things. The political dealers as expected have come up with glossy rhetoric and deceitful
slogans to hoodwink this critical voting bloc, conversely there is a great opportunity to engage the
masses for a better today and tomorrow that envisions the post-independence Kenya struggles through
the Strugglers Movement.

The Strugglers Movement, therefore, comes at a time when Kenyans are finding their voices and
opportunity to claim their place in determining the future of this country, piloting a change of narrative
from noise to voice for the final economic liberation. This movement stems from the need for Kenyans to
be heard and shape decision-making at the community, county, and national level. We are here to
demonstrate that participation and inclusion of the critical masses can drive socio economic and political
change through a genuine struggle for a better future. Conceptually, Strugglers Movement is deployed to
facilitate collaboration among Kenyans and the political leadership by participating in activities that are
uniting and inclusive towards sustainable development because the Struggle ni Real.
With the current political division and tension that has been occasioned by the deceitful and conniving
political sharks taking advantage of Kenyans as we approach 2022 elections, by using them as political
mobilization tools, Strugglers Movement provides a national platform to politically engage and execute
the socio- economic agenda that resonates with all Kenyans. This will not only be a chance for the people
to actively participate in a national dialogue, but also an opportunity to collaborate and partner with the
like-minded champions of the struggle from all over the country in promoting unity and political
engagements before, during and post 2022 general elections. In the coming days, we shall be presenting
to the people of Kenya the strugglers Manifesto that we hope shall form part of the third liberation tools
as envisioned by the champions of the struggle. The struggle ni Real

It is our objective :
1. To end the struggle by freeing Kenyans from the politics of deceit and invite them into the
politics of hard work, peaceful coexistence, good governance and sustainable development.

2. To end the struggle by bridging the connectivity gap between the young people and the political
players in an all-inclusive political representation.

3. To end the struggle by creating opportunities for open and active civic engagements on socioeconomic and political inclusion in nation building.

4. To end the struggle by engaging in high-level political consultations, discussions and campaigns
for the true champions of inclusivity, social welfare, economic empowerment, democracy, good
governance, strengthened devolution, rule of law and sustainable development.

It is our expectation that we shall have:
1. Declaration and support for political leadership or formation that champions the struggles for the
2. Enhanced nationalism and patriotism as championed by the struggle for a better Kenya.

3. Enhanced economic, cultural, social, political acceptance among Kenyans.

4. Transformed Kenya as envisioned in the Kenya Vision 2030.

5. Established national network that serves as a platform towards achievement of the national
agenda as envisioned by champions for the struggle.

Contrary to the norm, the struggle for a better future in Kenya has been both a systematic and systemic
journey by the real champions in the struggle. It should never at any time be equated to or confused with
the hustle for political power, acquisition of illicit wealth, politics of us vs them or public
insults and slurs.

The Strugglers Movement will therefore unequivocally associate and at all times only
partner with those who have genuinely demonstrated the struggle for a better Kenya in past, present and
optimistic in ending the struggle in the third and final economic liberation. Our aim is to build a nation
state that is desired by the people who struggle daily for a better country. More specifically, we focus our
efforts, especially on inclusivity, sustainable development, equity and equality among the majority of
Kenyans that for decades have struggled for a better tomorrow in their business, employment and other
forms of livelihoods . We seek to involve them on matters that affect Kenyans the most so that they can
be makers of decision through elective and appointive politics, and the struggle must finally end. The
struggle ni Real

Source: kenyagist


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