How do I buy Bitcoins via M-Pesa?


At the moment there is now way you can buy Bitcoin directly via M-Pesa . But what is available is the different Peer to Peer Trading (P2P) exchanges that allows you to buy Bitcoin from sellers and pay them directly with M-Pesa.

I use three sites Binance, Local Cryptos and Paxful. All these exchanges have served me well and are proven to be safe. I personally prefer Binance among the three.

How to buy Bitcoin with M-Pesa on Binance.

  1. First, you need to register with Binance and get your account verified.
  2. Go P2P Trading on the trading menu
  3. You want to filter your search on fiat currency to KES and payment M-Pesa
  4. Choose BTC (Bitcoin)
  5. Choose your seller
  6. Enter the amount and proceed with payment via M-Pesa
  7. After payment, confirm it and wait for your Bitcoin to be released to your P2P Wallet

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