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5 Kenyan Billionaires Who Own Prestigious Schools Charging Fees up to KSh 1.3m Per Term


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Kenya is home to some of the most prestigious and expensive schools in Africa, attracting the attention of the wealthy and elite. According to a recent report by the International Schools Database, Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, leads African cities in terms of fees paid by affluent individuals for their children’s education. With fees reaching as high as $31,000 (KSh 4.4 million) annually, these schools cater to the privileged few who can afford such exorbitant costs. In this article, we will explore the notable Kenyan billionaires who own these prestigious schools and delve into the educational institutions they have established.

1. Daniel Gachukia and Riara Group of Schools

Daniel Gachukia, the founder of Riara Group of Schools, began his career in the teaching profession. After completing his education at Makerere University in Uganda, Gachukia taught at various schools before venturing into building his own educational institution. Riara Group of Schools has evolved over the years to become one of Kenya’s most esteemed learning institutions. The school’s fee structure ranges from KSh 88,000 to KSh 103,000 per term for grades 1 to 6, reflecting the exclusivity and quality of education provided.

2. Kenyatta Family and Peponi School

Peponi School, which offers education from kindergarten to high school level, is owned by the influential Kenyatta family. Founded in 1989, the school has garnered a reputation for providing a holistic and high-quality education. Peponi School’s fee structure varies depending on the level of education, with costs ranging from KSh 214,500 (half-day) to KSh 695,500 per term for years 3 to 8. The school’s commitment to academic excellence and well-rounded development has made it a preferred choice among the affluent in Kenya.

3. Peter Munga and Pioneer Group of Schools

Peter Munga, a billionaire from Murang’a, has made significant investments in various sectors of the economy. As the founder of Equity Group, Munga is a prominent figure in the business world. In 2000, he established the Pioneer Group of Schools, which includes Pioneer Girls High School in Thika, Kiambu County, and St. Paul’s Thomas Academy. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the Pioneer International University Board. These schools provide quality education and charge fees ranging from KSh 139,500 to KSh 1.3 million per term, depending on the level.

4. Peter Karoki and Woodcreek Schools

Peter Karoki manages Woodcreek Schools, which follows the British national curriculum accredited by the Cambridge Assessment of International Education. Situated in Kiambu along Kamiti Road, Woodcreek Schools offer IGCSE, GCE (A-Level), and BTEC examinations. Karoki’s inspiration to establish the school in 2018 stemmed from his concern for his daughter’s early morning commute. Woodcreek Schools charge fees ranging from KSh 139,500 to KSh 1.3 million per term, depending on the level of education.

5. Moi Family and Their Educational Investments

The Moi family, led by the late President Daniel arap Moi, has amassed a substantial fortune, with an estimated net worth exceeding US$3 billion (KSh 420 billion) according to Forbes. Following President Moi’s passing in February 2020, his youngest son, Gideon Moi, has taken the reins to lead the family. The Moi family has invested in several educational institutions, including Moi Education Centre, Sacho High School, Kabarak University, Kabarak High School, Sunshine National School, and Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens. These schools contribute to the family’s commitment to providing quality education and leaving a lasting legacy.

Expensive Schools in Kenya

Apart from the schools owned by the aforementioned billionaires, Kenya boasts a vast number of educational institutions. According to the Economic Survey released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, there are over 90,000 schools in the country. At the top of the list of the most expensive schools in Kenya is the International School of Kenya, where parents pay up to KSh 3.4 million in fees. This prestigious institution, co-owned by the American Embassy and the Canadian High Commission, is known for its adherence to international standards and membership in renowned educational associations.


The presence of Kenyan billionaires who own prestigious schools charging fees of up to KSh 1.3 million per term reflects the demand for exclusive and high-quality education among the wealthy. These schools provide a conducive environment for learning, emphasizing academic excellence, holistic development, and international standards. The significant investments made by these billionaires contribute to the advancement of education in Kenya and provide opportunities for students to thrive. While these institutions cater to a privileged few, they play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders and influencers of Kenya.


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