Prestigious AFCON Trophy Reportedly Stolen in Egypt

Prestigious AFCON Trophy Reportedly Stolen in Egypt

The most prestigious African football trophy has reportedly gone missing in Cairo, Egypt.

According to the former vice president of the Egyptian Football association (EFA) Ahmed Shobier the trophy had ‘mysteriously disappeared’.

The Egyptian football team afforded the opportunity to claim the floating trophy permanently after winning the title three consecutive times between 2006 and 2010.

It is however not clear how the trophy disappeared from the EFA museum but an investigation has been opened as stated by Shobier.

“The EFA started looking for some trophies as they aim to put them in the associatoon’s museum but was surprised to find the AFCON trophy missing” said Shobier.

An association’s employee claimed the trophy was held by the former captain of the Egyptian national team Ahmed Hassan who refuted the claim.

“No one knows where the trophy is at the moment,” Shobier further insisted.

The title was last won by Algeria in 2019 during the AFCON games.

Prestigious AFCON Trophy Reportedly Stolen in Egypt



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