How Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa can be remembered after his term ends in 9 years time


By Empraim Njega
I saw a post where there was hot debate about the Safaricom CEO. The question was on how he will be remembered when his tenure ends ten years later on. There were fears that his presence is yet to be felt.

While Safaricom might seem a mature company, I think it is still has a long way to go to fully achieve its potential.
Many say the first Kenyan CEO should seek to be remembered through charitable works. Perish the thought!
Safaricom can transform the Kenyan economy by ensuring there is fast and affordable internet for all. Empowering the people is better than offering handouts.

Safaricom internet is fast but it is the most expensive to the extent it feels oppressive. I guess the reason Safaricom can’t lower its prices is because of low capacity. If they lower prices the rise in internet usage could overwhelm the network.

How can this be for a company that spends over KShs 30 billion annually on the network? The new CEO should increase the network’s capacity and lower prices. The future of the company depends on this unless it wants to be an MPesa only network.



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