What was Governor Ongwae thinking when he requested Uhuru for total crap?


To be honest, I am disappointed in Kisii Governor. He has confirmed that Education produces more robots than functional brains–it’s very overrated.

You know I have been wondering why Atwoli with his class six education, has run COTU so efficiently, effectively and so organized that he has been elected in the continent and the GLOBE as a gladiator for workers. Where did he get the skills, that Kisii Governor could not get in all classes he attended and offices he held in the bureaucracy!

Ongwae has requested the president to ” Gazette Kisii Statelodge so that weekends, he can SLEEP there and PLAY GOLF”. How important is this to ordinary kisiis? He has also spoken about SOAPSTONES, before taking an unworthy detour into pure garbage.
I was wondering, Kisii is a GREEN GOLD county, can’t Ongwe go on his knees and kiss Uhuru’s shoes if that will bring investors to process Bananas, and pineapples and MILK and any other agro-product there?

We all know Ongwae is leaving Kisii dumber than he found it. He needs to go to Kitui, reduce himself into Ngilu’s house boy, messenger, or janitor, and humble, then begs her for ideas on how they built that KICOTEC factory. He can go to Makueni as a thief in the middle of the night and steal secrets from Kalamba Mango Processor or Kakima Dairies. All done by the County Govt.

Listen to Uhuru’s robust, hopeful and futuristic speech, including this powerful phrase “energy goes, where attention goes”, he is making the over-educated Ongwae look ROBOTIC and lifeless like a TREE with no emotions, feelings, or curiosity for the environment it exists.
Before he leaves Kisii, Uhuru should place the county under Central Government and send another Saddam Hussein from KDF to run it.

What was Governor Ongwae thinking when he requested Uhuru for total crap?


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