How Raila destroyed that rat PLO Lumumba in Kisii, killed hustler narrative and revived REGGAE !


By Dr Onyango Ochieng Jnr via FB
One more thing……….
Raila intensively answered Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba(PLO), by displaying a classical memory so rich; so wide; so traveled into the anals of liberation struggles and extraordinary patriotic contributions by ordinary Kenyans to the national project.

Those powerful submissions which included names of heroes by His Tsunaminess Raila Amolo Odinga, who seemingly knows Kisii History better than the relatively young masquerade Governor; automatically trashed all the beautiful nonsense PLO has been spewing that “people above 70 years have a diminishing capacity and should thus stay away from the presidency”.

It is a thug-like theory pushed by PLO on behalf of his paymasters to shift, mislead, and deliberately distort the national debate into Raila’s MENTAL STATUS.

Unbeknown to all of you, by saying people above 70 years have no business being president because of “diminishing capacity”; PLO was cleverly saying that Raila lacks the mental acuity/alertness at his age to lead this nation because he is above 70 years.
With all due respect to the law juggernaut:
Emilio Kibaki became president at 71 years, his economic experiment is a success we sing to date. For the first time in history, Kenya funded her budget fully. We saw lots of economic miracles.

If PLO’s generalist idea was to push Raila to take a cognitive test! So be it.
From that speech alone, Raila’s memory is more powerful than a nuclear bomb. Baba can remember how Vlad the Impaler impaled his enemies in that battle of 1462 like it happened yesterday.

Atwoli who started working in 1969 in Kericho, today aged about 90 years, is running COTU way better than 58-year-old PLO runs his law firm and motivational speeches office.

Baba’s memory alone is bigger than history. History stays inside Raila’s memory like just one of the tenants in a mega mall.
I am looking at PLO’s performance at EACC, and to tell you the truth; it was subpar, needless to say, that he was then only 49 years or thereabout– 21 years from 70!

PLO should look for Raila and sort their political difference. This shadowboxing will not help him an inch.
PLO temo piem gi LIECH!

I, liken pencil-thin PLO to a naughty character in the village, inspired by drugs or anxiety into shaking a giant Ng’ou tree, but only ends up with his buttocks shaking the whole day, instead of Ng’ou.

How Raila destroyed that rat PLO Lumumba in Kisii, killed hustler narrative and revived REGGAE !


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