Exposed: The real problem Omoshi is struggling with, not just begging for money…

Exposed: The real problem Omoshi is struggling with, not just begging for money…

3am Thought
No Progress Without Dealing With Spiritual Problem…..
The whole country is in shock as Actor Kinuthia aka ” Omosh” went back to TV to ask for help after getting overwhelming support four months ago.

Suddenly, people realized that they should have listened to people who knew him better.
Those who knew him better said that he needed help to deal with underlying issues, and no amount of money would help him.
Masaibu ya Ndugu Omosh open up to one reality in life…..

Many people are looking for solutions in the wrong place and in the wrong way.
However hard you work. However long you work, however fast you work…. If you don’t tackle some underlying conditions you will still fail.
For many years, I faced similar challenges with that of Omosh… Life was about going up and down. Facing challenge after challenge. Until I asked myself

“What is really happening?”
Before you reach that point of desiring to deal with the underlying condition, you will waste your time…..
You got to get a revelation about what is going on behind the scenes.
That is I feel very bad when people mock places of worship and servants of God.
Life is not what you can physically see… There much more to that…
There is the spiritual realm that actually determines what goes on in in the physical realm.
And unless you deal with some deep underlying issues… You will be going round circles
Unless you know what ails your roots, you will never eat the fruits.
Unless you deal with the problem in the foundation, your building will always fall……

Do not rush to get money…
Do not rush to get married…
Do not rush to get into business partnerships….
Before dealing with your inner demons….
Before dealing with your foundational problems…
Get to know your background…..
Get to pray and fast in order to get deeper understanding…
Get to understand your family background and history. Get to know how your Uncles and Grandparents, and Great Grandparents lived.
Get to know the root cause of the addiction in your lineage. Maybe your parents sold Pombe and destroyed other lives……
Maybe your Grandmother destroyed marriages, and now you are facing marital problems…. Maybe your father was a secret smooth operator….

And you find yourself wasting all your money on Slay Queens….. Pesa iki gonga account, immediately you get a message like “Hi Bebs” and without thinking, una tuma pesa or you go have fun….

In other words, Jijue…….
What you see with your eyes is just 20%…80% is the Unseen…….
You can see a super beautiful girl. Perfectly created. Super front, surpeb back, scintillating voice, sparkling smile……..
Then you fall in love…. My friend… If this lady hasn’t dealt with her inner demons… And her foundational issues…… You will see drama ten times ile ya Omosh…. You just saw 20%. 80% is the Unseen….

You can see a handsome man. With a brand new Subaru and full of cash… But that is just 20%…….find out about the Unseen 80%….
That is why I tell people never to despise prayers…..

In my life, I truly appreciate Men and Women of God who helped me deal with issues that held me back. Good people like Fred Akama , people who impacted on my early spiritual life like Bishop Kitonga. People who gave me skills of rising up like Bishop Luke Mwangi, and David Adeoye……. And many others..

Hii una ona ni 20%……Ile hauwezi ona ni 80%…..
Always keep that in mind……
Lack of money is 20% of your problem……… 80% is why do you lack money……..
Being single and lonely is 20%….the Unseen foundational issues form 80% of the problem…
Deal with the inner demons………
Deal with the foundation issues……
That is the 80%….
Then look for the 20%

Exposed: The real problem Omoshi is struggling with, not just begging for money…