How Hon DAVID OSIANY and his beautiful wife SYOMBUA saved a police officer’s life

How Hon DAVID OSIANY and his beautiful wife SYOMBUA saved a police officer’s life

By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

Is one thing to help a stranger when you’re not sure whether or not they will survive, yet it is a completely different and fulfilling experience when they remember to come back and say thank you. Explains hon David Osiany on his Facebook account on the day he saved a police officer who was involved in a grisly road accident.

On 14th February this year while driving in Upperhill, we found a crowd milling around NCBA Bank, opposite NTSA and adjacent to Don Bosco Church. Shortly after we spotted a police motorcycle up in flames. The bike was in mangles. However we were not prepared for what we would see next: a uniformed traffic police officer who had evidently been thrown over the fence, almost 59 meters away from the bike. He was lying face-down in a pool of blood with almost no sign of life. We quickly parked our car to join the few people who were trying to gain entry into the NCBA compound and save the poor man, but the adamanant guard refused to allow entry.

I immediately called the Nairobi Regional Commander then, Mr. Rashid Yakub and hastily called the deputy head of Protocol at the office of the Inspector General. I informed them about the incident involving their colleague and asked that they hurriedly dispatch an ambulance. Unsure how long that would take, we continued seeking access in vain.

Seeing that the watchman to the NCBA compound was adamant and we were helpless, Syombua and I drove hastily to Kenyatta National Hospital to get an ambulance. We picked the first ambulance on sight owned by Nairobi County which had just dropped a patient and was leaving. Soon after, another vehicle arrived as we drove off and we spotted the officer carried in that car. We would later learn that the crowd swelled and later forced entry to get the dying officer onto the next vehicle.

Shortly after, the team dispatched by the offices of IG and Regional Police boss arrived at KNH, and hurriedly moved the officer to Coptic Hospital for expeditious management. We kept on call with the through out. I was particularly scared that the gentleman may have passed on because his face was ripped apart and buried in blood. But Syombua kept faith and constantly interceded for him.

Well, a couple of hours later we received a call from one Inspector Fujo who broke news that the injured officer had finally stabilized and was out of danger. We celebrated as if it was our own brother that had escaped death. We learnt he was called Emmanuel Kalasinga. Weeks later, he was discharged after several procedures that fixed his broken left arm and put together his lower jaw that had been ripped apart due to impact.

When he was discharged, we took time to visit him in his cousin’s house at the Carnivore police line. Too our shock, he already seemed too good to be true. We actually didn’t recognize him when we walked in. His broken arm was bandaged and his face had already taken shape. We dined and laughed as we thanked God. Yet, nothing prepared me for yesterday when he asked to see me. I hoped for a frail bandaged man, only for a well suited and polished gentleman to show up. He had returned just to say thank you for working to save his life. He narrated to me how his daughter who was sitting her exams in Kilifi at the time of the misfortune, and who was adversely affected by it, did us proud and posted an excellent score of 401/500.

My heart is full this Sabbath. Indeed Lord heals and this is yet another testimony of the God of seconded chances. My brother Senior Sergent Emmanuel Kalasinga, I wish you long life. Trust in the Lord and depend on Him entirely.

How Hon DAVID OSIANY and his beautiful wife SYOMBUA saved a police officer’s life