OpinionWhy President Nelson Havi wants to access fat LSK...

Why President Nelson Havi wants to access fat LSK bank account at Standard Chartered Bank


By Michael Nanjala

Yeah! So the lunatic at gitanga road is at it again, he has sent to members and in breach of data protection laws 444 pages of garbage, using our personal mobile phones which we never gave him nor authorized him to make communication to us privately and when we are out of office.

So, this knut-job (pun intended) has decided to bombard us with statements and communication he has sent to banks to be given access to members money through a desperate coup!

This man is trying to steal LSKs money through a naive young lady called Clarise Osore and another whack job calling himself Dr. Misare or I don’t know miyare. NOW! We all know Nelson Havi is a big THIEF, he stole money belonging to Tatu City investors and it had to take the intervention of his bossom buddy Grandmullah to kick him out before he could loot the whole project, the guy is a known crook and a coward that is why he carries a gun like a total biaach because he knows that those that he stole from want blood and can take him out anytime,.. that would be good riddance but i digress…

Moving on, so he has written to banks with LSK accounts to change signatories following the sham of an SGM that he conducted. Well the whack jobs at KCB and ABSA were easily fooled and they disclosed members information to unauthorized persons but those are small savings accounts and they will be dealt with circumforaneously .

However, he tried his stupidity with Seriously grounded banks like Standard Chartered bank and basically and they showed him the middle finger and told him to go hug a ???? because he is not a signatory to any of LSKs accounts out of his own volition, so ideally he is a stranger to the banks and they cannot take instructions from unauthorized persons.

He has in one of his letters huffed and puffed like an epileptic lunatic crying n’gwaa n’gwaa n’gwaa because the bank won’t allow him to loot the society and because the bank retains serious lawyers at HHM who told him in no uncertain terms to take his opinions and stick them up his ***hole. I now believe that his allies Kamende, Herine and Esther are having a hard time wiping his tears.

So what is so important about this account at Standard Chartered Bank, ladies and gentlemen that is where all your PC and CPD money goes to and Nelson Havi has trained his guns to those accounts using very moronic and gullible individuals who will help him WIPE OUT the entire LSK account like he did to Tatu City investors money.

But WHY NOW? this is a very interesting question but, you guys know that campaigns are not cheap and that paltry money he makes in his lawfirm can only be enough to bribe and get a few young lawyers drunk and take his bevy of chics out for lunch but, cannot mount a serious campaign so what does he do?

He goes and looks for clueless people with questionable ideals and professional careers convinces them to give him their pin numbers, IDs and passport photographs so that they be signatories to our accounts. Like seriously who gave a doctorate to a guy who is this gullible, being tricked by a village boy from Kakamega to sign over monies belonging to the society to a well known KLEPTOMANIAC?

You can see that from the word go this man has been obsessed with trying to access our accounts by proxies, ask yourself why he refused to be a signatory to the accounts? Because he is playing the long game, let the stupid Vice President take the fall together with 2 others who he considers dispensable.

He has tried to fire the CEO because she wont let him loot us dry, this man has spent the last one and half years of his term salivating at our accounts but everytime he come close we kick him in the nutts and he makes a hasty retreat

As i conclude, i want to offer free Counsel to Clarise and the Dr (its so painful to call him that after what we have seen) please for your own sakes jump off from that sinking ship, because the moment you will append your signatures to any documents by LSK and you know very well you are not a signatory then you better start bidding your families your goodbyes because the halls of Kamiti and Langata Women’s Prison will be your home for a while.

For the banks giving out confidential documents without proper authorisation also prepare for sanctions!

We are also calling for members who have received the unauthorized texts from Havi to report the same to the Data Protection Commissioner at https://www.odpc.go.ke/report-a-data-breach/ because we did not allow him to share that message with us he knows i cant stand him!

Viva LSK ! The Tyrant will Fall.

Why President Nelson Havi wants to access fat LSK bank account at Standard Chartered Bank



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