WHY Musalia Mudavadi KICKED OUT Barrack Muluka, a Ruto sympathizer

WHY Musalia Mudavadi KICKED OUT Barrack Muluka, a Ruto sympathizer

Finally Musalia Mudavadi has pushed his his long time aide Barrak Muluka, this comes just three days after President Uhuru’s mouth piece David Murathe confirmed that they had settled on Raila Odinga for 2022.

It is alleged that Muluka is blamed for mis-advising Musalia to enter into talks with DP Ruto a move that is said to have infuriated Statehouse, Uhuru no longer picks Musalia’s calls.

Meanwhile there are rumours that Musalia Mudavadi has appointed former Raila Odinga campaign manager Eliud Owalo to be Amani National Congress Secretary General. Owalo joined ANC in 2019 and he has managed to make some changes in building brand Mudavadi.

Muluka is best remembered for his fights with his peers in ANC like Kibisu Kabatesi and David Makali. He is arrogant for nothing and has challenges connecting with his juniors in the office.

Muluka has been critical of Musalia working with Uhuru, he is blamed for pulling off from the system to the middle of of nowhere, a dilemma that continues to haunt the ANC leader.

Muluka says he was instrumental in pushing for party reorganization and helping Mudavadi in the writing and publication writing of his biography, titled Soaring Above the Storms of Passion. Well, this is nothing for the long duration he has served as Secretary General.

Muluka said his resignation will ease Mudavadi’s making of personal political choices in the lead up to the 2022 elections. This is a confirmation that he was kicked out for having a different ideology from that of his boss.

“As part of giving you the necessary latitude on the arduous political journey ahead, I have now decided to step aside and move on to other horizons. This therefore is my formal letter of resignation both as secretary general and a member of ANC, ” reads the letter.

He instructed the registrar of political parties to strike out his name in both capacities.

WHY Musalia Mudavadi KICKED OUT Barrack Muluka, a Ruto sympathizer


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