Why Magoha and CJ Willy Mutunga are living in water, very ignorant

Why Magoha and CJ Willy Mutunga are living in water, very ignorant

By Jerome Ogola via fb

Sunset has come for Maraga’s tenure at the apex of the Judiciary
His scorecard is a collage of success and failure, in equal measure, depending on who you are talking to
Charles Kanjama, who successfully failed to beat Havi to the LSK throne, in the last elections, opines that Kenya needs an intellectually brilliant person, for the next CJ

Says he, the next president of the supreme court, should be an extremely rational person whose decisions are guided by intellect and not emotions
Is he really talking about the next CJ? Not at all. His statement is a vote of no confidence on Maraga’s tenure. He is simply saying this SDA Mzee Wa Kanisa was an intellectual featherweight whose decisions were driven by emotions
I am not the right person, to qualify or disqualify his sentiments, but I can give him a benefit of doubt since he is an advocate and here is a case of a monitor lizard alleging that the crocodile has contracted COVID-19
Who am I to dispute that, yet they live together in the water
Personally, from my position at the abattoir, this old man was a total failure, just like his predecessor. Willy Mutunga, the earing wearing CJ, disqualified our 2013 election petition on technicality
Later, he was quoted referring to the state as a bandit economy. He was forgeting that he created the banditry, by legitimizing their stolen election
Maraga on his part, as the head of the judiciary, has been the man in charge of the kiosk dispensing this valuable commodity called justice, which even from the Pokomo lullaby that we adopted for a national anthem, ought to be our shield and defender, at all times

This is the same man who has consistently been crying for justice. A chief justice crying for justice, is a definition of failure. I also remember, he nullified Uhuru’s 2017 election victory, citing non adherence to statutorial procedures in results tabulation and conveyance to the national tallying center
He ordered a repeat election
Later, his court gave a clean bill of health to the repeat exercise, done by the same personnel on the same infrastructure. When his court was called to adjudicate a critical case, two days before the repeat elections, the status quo had to prevail when his court failed to raise a quorum requisite for a determination
Some judges were allegedly held in traffic jams, others missed flights from upcoutry, and another one had a hangover. But on this he was right. Uhuru was/is the best leeson to be president,regardless of whether he won fairly or not
The manner in which ametoa watu suruali anawatwanga viboko kwa matako, is exemplary. When we said Uhuru was bad, nobody wanted to listen
In Maraga’s tenure the courts were as corrupt was they’ve always been, even his own DCJ has been accused of complicity in graft. He never made any attempt to clear the mess
In a nutshell, I don’t see much difference between Maraga’s tenure and that of Bernad Chunga, Moi’s CJ of the late 90s
Sasa leteni mawe haraka, kabla sijaenda kunywa busaa
Great morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

Why Magoha and CJ Willy Mutunga are living in water, very ignorant


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