Why Kikuyus love Uhuru with passion, their modern day coloniser

Why Kikuyus love Uhuru with passion, their modern day coloniser

By Albert Amenya via FB


That Kikuyus are claiming Uhuru has failed them, is total bullcrap. You can only buy that fake story if you are a stranger to Kenyan politics. Don’t be deceived by their crocodile tears. If you believe and join them in singing the unpopular song on how Uhuru has humiliated them, then you are a fool.

See, despite the fact that Jommo Kenyatta took away their lands and subjected them to suffering owing to landlessness, Kikuyus love Uhuru just like Jesus loved the church.

Just like Slayqueens claim they better cry in Runda than smile in the ghetto, Kikuyus prefer to suffer in the hands of their own, than in the hands of a stranger.

Get this straight from me, if we had a non Kikuyu President – a Luo for instance – who is even more competent than Uhuru, there would be daily protests by Kikuyus. The Mungiki would be reactivated are re-equipped to man stages, estates and markets all in the name of ‘Protecting our wealth’.

There would be parallel taxation by the Mungiki government on every ongoing activity and the government of the day would do nothing because if it dared do, it’d ignite more violence. But now, this sect is sleeping because it is their son who is at the helm of affairs.

Kikuyus are so passionate about their own. If you are a non-Kikuyu and pick a fight with a Kikuyu and a third party who happens to be a Kikuyu emerges, he’ll join his relative and discipline you properly.

My point is this, if a Kikuyu protests against a Kikuyu-led government, no one will touch them. But if a non-Kikuyu does the same, his story will end sadly. That is why the likes of my good friend Boniface Mwangi can make noise and call Uhuru and his government names and nothing will happen. Let Onyango, Kirui or Mogaka try what Boniface is doing and bring me the results 24 hours later.

Kameme FM can air all sorts of tribal outbursts against other communities and it remains business as usual. NCIC will do nothing. But if Kass FM tries the same, it’ll be censured immediately with frequency gone and license revoked.

Long story short, Kikuyus love Uhuru. Take this to the bank, if elections were conducted today with Uhuru’s name on the ballot, they’ll all vote for him.

Why Kikuyus love Uhuru with passion, their modern day coloniser


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