Wake up and perform, Kenyans tell I.G Hillary Mutyambai

Wake up and perform, Kenyans tell I.G Hillary Mutyambai

By Philip Nyamai via fb

When police IG Bwana Hillary Mutyambai took office, I expected him as a learned person to not only bring sanity into the police system but also look into the welfare of his officers. Between last week and now, we have two police officers who have taken away their lives. Another one police Sergeant from Western Jane Asimitisi boldly questioned why she has always been discriminated or left out on lucrative assignments forcing her seniors to overreact by sending her on compulsory leave, sacked. Remember Sergeant Jane was ready for anything including going back to her village in Turkana. Weeks before that we saw some officers becoming thugs in Eastleigh, while others involved in money heist. We have a number of them who went back to universities and acquired degrees yet no promotion has come their way. One of them was recently heard saying, “Some of us are forced into crime while others commit suicide,”
These underlying issues needs to be addressed or do we want to see more deaths, money heist etc etc? These police officers are everyday risking their lives to protect the country yet they live in deplorable conditions. There is need to increase their salaries, improve their housing and health cover. These cannot happen overnight but it should appear like something is being done about it. Over to you Bwana IG.

Source: kenyagist.COM

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