Wafula Buke: If Raila had died of COVID-19

Wafula Buke: If Raila had died of COVID-19

By Wafula Buke

If Raila had died!
Years ago, 90s, at Ufungamano, I gave a speech at a reform conference attended by Hon Orengo, Hon Raila, Prof Nyong’o and Prof Katana Mkangi. These were the big boys of the occasion.

I decided to honor them by giving what I believed Moi would say of them at their funerals, eulogies. Prof Nyong’o was the most entertained by my efforts at eulogizing them. Obviously, Moi would have praised them 4 many reasons.
Martin Luther King did it himself. After surviving assassination when a sharp blade was driven close to his heart, he gave us the dramatic “I wouldn’t have been there if only I had sneezed” speech.
I know what may generally happen if I died today. The only thing I don’t know and don’t care about is where I will be buried since, like my late father, I don’t have a home for that.

When Raila got Corona, I convened a meeting at an Ethiopian Restaurant to discuss the implications of Raila’s departure to ODM. Who will lead it as a movement? Who will legally own it? Will the legal owners respect it’s creators? Where do we go if it is given to Ruto?

Responses: “let us not think like that. He will be ok?” “That is a very very important topic, we need a special meeting” “are you sure we are the right people to discuss this” “eh! eh! we are finished. We need a coup in the Odm leadership now” Confused, we dispersed.
Anyway, I was born today. I thought about my death. Let us plan for death as we celebrate birthdays.
Happy Birthday to me and happy weekend to you my friends.

Wafula Buke: If Raila had died of COVID-19


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