KenyagistVIDEO: Diamond Platnumz’s mother pregnant, confirms the father of...

VIDEO: Diamond Platnumz’s mother pregnant, confirms the father of the infant


Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kasimu has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant for her husband Maysafa Abdul, popularly known as Uncle Shamte.

Rumors had been running rife that Sanura is pregnant after she was seen flaunting a baby bump in photos that went viral on social media.

Critics however poked holes on the pregnancy rumors arguing that it is nearly impossible for 53-year-old Sanura to conceive because of her advanced age, that’s because around age 50 many women are entering menopause.

Well, plenty of women are also successfully having babies in their 40s and 50s, too. And Diamond’s mother is one of them.

here is the video

Sanura recently flaunted her baby bump in a video posted on social media. The quinquagenarian was on a boat together with her 41-year-old husband and other people.

Diamond’s mom showed off her baby bump after another woman who was recording the video persuaded her to, she zoomed in on her belly to give viewers a closer look.

Mama Dangote and her ben 10 husband uncle Shamte have been receiving critics for a long time. Narrating how they met, uncle Sjamte narrated;

“We met in Paris, France where she was collecting her bags at the airport. She was carrying Tiffah. The following day, we met at a launch where we were taking photos and I told her that I follow her on social media a lot. “it took time and she used to insist on love and truth, when you are truthful, you become her best friend,” he added.

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He also revealed that what people say about Diamond has always given Mama Dangote pressure.

“Yes, sometimes social media gets to her especially when her son is trending for claims that he has copied a song or has a new lover” “I think insults are the things that make her sad on social media, she feels bad and she has blocked so many people like almost 20,000”

Since getting married to the singer’s mum; Shamte’s life has undeniably changed in ways he also can’t explain nor is he ready to change the situation.

With money coming in through the several businesses owned by Diamond Platnumz; Uncle Shamte has been on the forefront pushing for profits. Word has it that his love for the finer life could not be stopped even if it meant him never seeing his son, Ehsan ever again.

About a year ago, Shamte welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Iffah before walking out on her. According to reports, Shamte chose Mama Dangote over the lady he had been with for years; and as seen on some of Iffah’s posts, he chose the money and not love.

Since then, Shamte has been quite absent in his son’s life and he continues to live like everything is fine.

Anyway, sooner or later Shamte might just settle for a blended family; to ensure in the future he does not get treated like Mzee Juma who continues to suffer despite having a son like Diamond Platnumz.

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Well, the narrative has been that Rally Jones nicknamed ‘Ben 10’ or Uncle Shamte, is with Mama Dangote for the money.

However, the two have maintained that they got married out of undying love for each other, even though not many people were convinced.

The two live together in Diamond’s posh mansion in Dar es Salaam.

One question that seems to be bothering the doubting Thomases is, if Uncle Shamte did not marry Mama Dangote for his son’s money, then what exactly does he do for a living?

Well, during the celebrations of Diamond and Tanasha’s son Naseeb Junior 40th day since birth, Uncle Shamte was present to answer.

He insists that he does not get a single coin from Mama Dangote because she is so stingy maintaining they are together because of their love.

“Mimi ni mfanyibiashara ndugu yangu, nina gereji ipo Dar es Salaam hii. Nishawahi kuwajibu watu, kwa jinsi unavyomwona huyu bibiye (Mama Dangote) wewe ushawahi kumskia kahonga mtu (bankroll anyone). Huyu ni Kigwasu (stingy lady) kigwasu, vigwasu unawajua? Mpare hatari. Kwa hiyo hakuna mtu anayeweza kupata hela kutoka kwake yeye. Mimi huyu alikuwa rafiki yangu, urafiki ukatengeneza mahusiano, mahusiano yakatengeneza mke na mume na tulikutana Paris, France,” explained Uncle Shamte.

VIDEO: Diamond Platnumz’s mother pregnant, confirms the father of the infant



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