Uhuru is the most heartless, most brutal and most tribal president in the world

Uhuru is the most heartless, most brutal and most tribal president in the world

By Gordon Opiyo via FB

Uhuru will be remembered as the most heartless, most brutal and most tribal president in the world.

Now, he is destroying one of the biggest hospitals in Bungoma, and bringing down the iconic Sherrif Center that houses 200 businesses, Easy Coach and Khetias Supermarket.

Yes, the land belongs to Kenya Railways… But the fact is that since 2018, Uhuru has been demolishing property in Railway land, then doing nothing.
Last week, a leopard was seen near the Guardian Bus terminus in Kisumu. The place that used to house over 20,000 people was flattened in 2018, and the broke Kenya Railways has left the land idle. They cannot afford to even cut the grass. As a result, right inside Kisumu city, we have leopards and hippos roaming… In a place that used to employ 20,000 Luos and generate 70m daily to the Luo Nation….
Now nothing is going on.
Same thing happened in Kitale. Demolitions, followed by nothing.
What is the point of destroying livelihoods, then letting grass grow, animals roam and criminals turn the places into gangster dens….

After impoverishing people, he does not want any one else to give them hope through wheelbarrows.

I hope more and more people join the mass movement aimed at removing the entitled Uhuru and his bought sycophants like Raila, Mudavadi and Kalonzo….

Entrenched, heartless, brutal and arrogant people like Uhuru and his paid sycophants like Raila can only be removed by a mass movement….let all those that lose sources of income join the mass movement..
We shall grow, one jobless Kenyan to another. One oppressed Kenyan to another.

What reckless and irresponsible Uhuru is doing will come back to bite those myopic enough to support him.
In a desperate attempt to win back his backyard, Uhuru has been favoring his backyard through purely nonsensical, irresponsible and dangerous ways…..

Uhuru is dividing the country through his useless strategy of winning back his people.
First, he starts a campaign to sell BBI to his backyard by telling them that he is diverting money from “others” to bring to his own people.
Whoever advised the president to use this strategy should be sacked.
Uhuru is telling the Somali nation, the Miji Kenda, the Luo, the Turkana Nation, the Maasai Nation … “I’m taking money from you, and taking money to my people – and I expect you fully support my stealing from you, to take to my people”
That is the message Uhuru is passing to the rest of the country.
If Kiambu is going to get extra 9 billion, where is the money going to come from, if not hurt other vulnerable communities like Turkana, Somali, Luo and Coast?
Tribalism is wrong and evil.
Yes, many will support him.. But in the long run, it will backfire.

Uhuru is the most heartless, most brutal and most tribal president in the world


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