Uhuru gains stress related weight as BBI hits a near dead-end

Uhuru gains stress related weight as BBI hits a near dead-end

By Jerome ogolla via FB

It is emerging that every county assembly discussed and voted for their own BBI, and the document the Senate is discussing isn’t the same that the national assembly is discussing

That thing has died quickly and permanently. Luwere BBI

In other news, it seems your noise isn’t working. Kenyans wake up to express their anger at their president, Uhuru Kenyatta on social media but it appears, these are all wasted efforts, because the man doesn’t appear any stressed

He has immensely increased weight, like someone who eats with a blind man or a man who fires blanks, also called Falaswa in Franco songs. Your anger is wasted. Bad governance is best fought at the ballot and not in Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg. Here you only discuss how the gender which had a handshake with a puff adder in Eden use match boxes “kupoteza ushahidi” after overlapping

In other non related news, the travel restrictions cutting off Nairobi and her neighbours from the rest of the country, hasn’t changed anything

Travels are happening as they did before, and the only difference is increased fare. In any case, smuggling of travellers to and from Nairobi is a lucrative business happening now, as vibrant as the Chepkube coffee snuggling of the 1970s

Lastly, don’t waste your efforts waking up any early. The man who composed the nursery rhyme “early to bed and early rise, makes someone healthy and wealthy and wise” has since retracted his song ans apologised

You shouldn’t wake up any early because the Kenyan worm belongs to the most corrupt bird and not the earliest to wake up. Again, who wants to be wise? People are looking for money, why shoud anyone seek wisdom? Sleep, sleep and sleep even more. In fact, good night

Good morning my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

Uhuru gains stress related weight as BBI hits a near dead-end


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