KenyagistThis is how DP Ruto plans to hoodwink Kikuyu’s

This is how DP Ruto plans to hoodwink Kikuyu’s


This is how DP Ruto plans to hoodwink Kikuyu’s


I don’t normally listen to DP Ruto anymore; he lies too much and there’s too much hate and bile in his carefully worded utterances. But today I was in #InooroTv studio while he was on #InooroFM, and at some point we listened in & I got to make some initial responses on air. My immediate response to what he was saying is as follows;


1. Ruto is determined to #InciteMtKenya region against President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is selling the idea that without him Uhuru doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is why he argues that Kenya was okay during their first term when he was a ‘substantive Dp’ (his words) whilst now it’s failing after he was moved away from the centre. He’s behaving like a wife telling her children how bad their father/her husband is while still living with him and being sustained fully by him.


2. Ruto has reached the point where he is willing to #AttackUhuru publicly and directly. He has shown he is willing and capable of attacking the President’s policies and will do and say anything to make Uhuru look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing (Eg statement on Uhuru investing 4B in firearm production rather than using it to employ 5,000 youth). He’s also looking for a fight with the President and will keep trying to poke fingers into his nose to get a reaction from the President. It clearly annoys him to high heaven when the President ignores every such provocation. So he escalates. He is NO LONGER DEPUTY PRESIDENT to Uhuru, except on paper. In reality he is 100% Opposition Leader to Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.


3. Ruto wants #UhuruToFail. He is willing to do whatever he can to achieve this even if it means deliberately sabotaging government policies within and without, directly or indirectly. It also means he is willing to work with people who are happy if Kenya fails or faces harm, or who are against our national interests; be they economic and/or security. (Which explains why the government would be reluctant to allow him to travel to see other Presidents).


4. Ruto is #selfish. He wants to eat his cake & have it too. One the one hand is happy to associate and build himself up using the government’s capacity and successes (Eg Railway, electricity connections, title issuance, markets, access to education, TVETS, healthcare provision, bottom-up funds like Uwezo, Youth, WEF, NGCDF, and support for Devolution), on the other hand he has no shame trying to distance himself from what he sees as the Govt failures; whether real or created by his propaganda team. He is also not willing to admit that an international pandermic (COVID-19) has ravaged the economies of countries everywhere; he wants to blame that on ‘UHURU’s government’.


5. Ruto wants Kenyans to believe Big4 is dead. He will not admit that
(a) #Manufacturing is going up. He ignores that investors are coming in (even as he diverts others to neighbouring countries). He will not admit that we have a business environment that enables locals to set up manufacturing companies (there is a fully-functional micro-chip manufacturing company in Nyeri today). Etc.
(b) #FoodSecurity is closer for us. Coffee & tea prices are getting better, irrigation projects have been established all over to enable all-season farming, dams have been put up, titles have been issued to allow access to funds, electricity connections are helping build up food processing capacity, the wide road network buildup is enabling easier movement of food, etc),
(c) #UniversalHealthcare is looking real especially with the investment in more health facilities and their capacity buildup due to covid, provision of water points in informal settlements, more access to drugs, investment in healthcare HR training & management, etc.
(d) #Housing is growing. Issuance of titles means access to private sector building funds, TVETS training for artisans helps lower costs of housing development, Govt subsidies and tax breaks motivate low-cost housing investors, PPPs work to enhance public housing projects, and the Govt is even directly investing in housing, etc.


6. Rutos BottomUp theory is #completerubbish. First, he will not admit that it’s copied from what this Govt is already doing. Eg his biashara fund idea is what we currently have as #YouthFund, #UwezoFund, #WomenEnteprise & #NGCDF. His localized development is what we currently have under #Devolution. His examples of empowering #BodaBodas is what Govt has done with the #BodaSaccos. His ideas to empower #MamaMboga are already in place in #WEF, #ModernMarkets, etc. Clearly the guy is running a scam on us on this one.


7. Ruto hates – and #HATESHARD. When you listen to him speak about the President you can feel the thinly veiled hatred he has for him, which is always hidden behind slyly calling him ‘my friend’. When you hear him speak about Raila Odinga or members of ODM you would think they are aliens; people not worthy to be in this world – certainly not Kenyans with ambitions similar to his! This is scary when you imagine that he wants to be President. Makes one wonder what he would do to both of these elderly statesmen, and/or their allies, if he were to become President!


I will share a more detailed response later.

This is how DP Ruto plans to hoodwink Kikuyu’s



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