Story behind Uhuruto fallout revealed, secret night meetings tops the list

Story behind Uhuruto fallout revealed, secret night meetings tops the list

By Jim Bonnie via FB

Had a brief chat with a friend who was at the heart of Jubilee 2013 campaign. Asked him why Kamwana and his deputy suddenly became bitter enemies.

“Don’t say it is sudden “, he shot. “This thing was planned long time ago. The cards were hidden, for a good reason. We were waiting for perfect time.

“The plan was hatched in 2013, immediately after capturing power. We worked with him simply because Tinga was not ready to meet the three demands boss placed on his table:

1. Support Kamwana for president and become his deputy
2. Work with Kamwana as runningmate
3. Use government machinery to scuttle cases against Kamwana.
4. Publicly denounce ICC cases at a public rally

“Bill wanted to be the presidential candidate. We did a through soul-searching. Our people were still bitter following the post election violence in 2007/8.

“They wouldn’t cast their vote on a man accused of killing them. Nonetheless, they’d vote if we partnered. After all we would be the president.

“His demands:

1. Half government
2. Joint government approach towards scuttling ICC cases. “Did you see Attorney General at the ICC?” I nod in agreement.
3. Cash payment to his account. Money he said he would use to ‘convince’ his people to accept to work with us.

“As we thought about these demands the hustler drove himself at night to Karen to meet the Tinga. He placed the same demands. Tinga accepted half government but rejected ICC issue and money to ‘convince Kalenjins’

“We were running against time. He was the best bride in the field. He met Jakom to spite us. So that we don’t lose him, we accepted all the offers and immediately fulfilled one concerning money. We sealed the deal, shingo upande.

“First forward to the formation of government. He grabbed half government. We knew we were dealing with a dangerous man. So we schemed to abandon him at the ICC. “Do you remember Uhuru’s case being the first to be thrown out?” I nod in agreement.

“We had succeeded in leaving him to his fate at the ICC. But wait a minute. Will his people vote for us again when their son was in court and ours out? Not possible.

“Change of plan. Get reelection first then deal with the problem later. Meanwhile, he was grabbing every tender and picking every coin from government confers. We had to borrow more because someone was stealing more. (This part doesn’t convince me though)

“2017. We win reelection. We breath a sigh of relief. Sweet revenge. They’ve decided that the guy will not be a tenant at statehouse even if it means working with the devil.

“Jim, I know we will meet again and a gain before 2022 but let’s have a meeting at the same place in August 2022 after IEBC declares its results. In the meantime Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi should iron their inauguration suits.

“One of them will be president —as we scheme for a comeback in 2027.

“2027 or 2032?” I ask naively. Ten years is too long to be out of power. Once bitten twice shy.”

This world.

Story behind Uhuruto fallout revealed, secret night meetings tops the list


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