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Shame as 7 Kisii men in diaspora gang up against successful Iron lady Doroh Ogega


By Josephine Msamula

They say the Kisii community is one of the most hardworking in Kenya. Kisiis are the most industrious people after the Kikuyu community. If you go to any corner of the world, you’ll hardly miss a Kisii or Kikuyu.

However, someone once said that some Kisiis men are the most jealous over their friends prospered friends. The same has just happened in the diaspora.

A group of seven Kisii men in the United States of America are said to have ganged up against a successful and fast-growing Kisii lady called Dorothy O. Their hate for her is purely because of her success compared to all of them. They say anything she touches must succeed despite the negative energies.

Our snoop in diaspora tells us that the said Kisii men led by an uneducated and densely bearded man with a heavy Kisii accent known as Boaz Ogetoh -who found his way to the US through unclear means – are bitter and overly jealous over the giant strides made by the iron lady who also happens to be the CEO of Quarantine Comedy Club (QCC) an online comedy program that recently partnered with K24 TV.

The kenyagist team has learnt that madam Dorothy is the foundress of Ndani Ndani 254, an organization where members contribute a small fee that enables them to fund the burial expenses of their loved one in case of a demise.

Sources tell us that hell broke loose when some of Dorothy’s tribesmen in Ndani Ndani realized how successful the group was succeeding under her leadership as CEO.

It is also reported that the above-mentioned men started demanding for the shares of the organization by force but madam Doroh declined. As a result, they wanted out and resolved to slander her by claiming she misappropriated the funds that belong to members.

According to one of the active members who spoke to our reporter, these members went ballistic when the organization refused to refund their registration fee because the its constitution does not allow such.

Kenya Today has also learnt that one of the admins Mr. Fred Amisi approached the Ndani Ndani founder Ms Dorothy and Baba Jackie – another admin – and asked them if they can allow him to make money in the group through dubious means but the two declined because that was not the objective of starting the group.

As a result, Fred wanted out and he went on soiling the names of the admins in his popular live Shows. Other members Boaz Ogeto and James Abuga requested to be made signatories of the organization but the founder declined for the safety of the funds.

After the rejection, the two together with others exited Ndani Ndani and went to form a parallel group which they named THE REAL NDANI NDANI 254 which they used as a platform to cry out their grievances.

Also known as ‘The People’s President’ Boaz is a semi-literate bloke with a deeply-founded Ekegusii accent and is known for his hot tempers and feckless emotions when engaging. Those who have engaged him say he finds it difficult to restrain himself in a discussion of any nature.

According to our informer, the same men have been trying to bring madam Dorothy down for years. Funny thing is, whenever her enemies including the above-mentioned members are in need, she contributes to their kitty.

For instance, when Fred Amisi was in Kenya from the US, he took ill and was financially incapacitated. It took the people’s mercy to have him get the treatment. We are informed that Ms Dorothy and Baba Jackie contributed to his medical kitty twice irrespective of their differences.

When Fred recovered and found his way to the US, he jumpstarted his fight with madam Doroh. He held a Show and invited Doro’s haters to come and troll her for 4 hours straight.

It is said that Fred’s move was informed by the previous show known as The Banana Peddler Show hosted by local Kenyan journalist Albert Nyakundi Amenya popularly known as Banana Peddler. KT has confirmed that Banana Peddler hosted Ms Doroh on a fact finding mission.

Doroh’s haters ganged up against her and called her all dirty names. In Fred Amisi show, they claimed that Doroh paid the Banana Peddler so that she can use his platform to clear her name.

Our effort to reach the founder of Ndani Ndani Ms Ogega were futile as she declined to give a comment on the same. We are still trying to get to her and we’ll update you.

A group of social media took it to their walls and other platforms and condemned the Kisii men for attacking a well to do woman.

Others claimed that it is Boaz’s tendency to pick fights with women from various groups and body shame them.

Shame as 7 Kisii men in diaspora gang up against successful Iron lady Doroh Ogega



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