NewsNASA principals, the burden on Raila’s presidency

NASA principals, the burden on Raila’s presidency


Raila Odinga’s 2 elections have been stolen before because of similar mistakes in both of the 2 latest instances.

Raila has been carrying BURDENS on his back at the same time battling his strong, composed and worthy opponents. Look at Kalonzo Musyoka, somebody who doesn’t even know himself, he’s never sure on what he should be doing. When it comes to times of making tough, rough decisions he pulls back and sits on the fence always.

Just like 2007, in 2018 Kalonzo was thinking that by skipping the famous Uhuru Park swearing in, Jubilee would jump in and snatch him in a move to weaken Baba. Luckily, Jubilee had enough intelligence that NASA was ODM and ODM is Baba. So when I see Kalonzo dreaming that Baba should endorse him I get sick and tired. The Tseikuru villager has lost his own backyard to scavengers. The opponent has eaten into his own home with several elected leaders! He looks weak and short of strategies.

Musalia Mululu Mudavadi the Duke of Vihiga is another weighty burden. It’s not a secret that Raila is in Western Kenya than this Mudavadi and all other village elders who claim to be kingpins from that place. In 2013 Mudavadi ran for presidency and Raila beat him terribly in his own backyard. Then what is this he was to bring to the table in 2017 which he didn’t have in 2013 to enable him garner enough votes from his region.

The Mululu Cartel is now saying that Raila should pay back and endorse him. How can he want to be supported when he can’t support himself! He’s busy oscillating around Vihiga villages and chest thumbing to be a Luhya Kingpin when he can’t handle his own party members like Osotsi and Malala. His ANC is a village party, the Party leader is a Luhya, Secretary General a Luhya, Vice Chairman a Luhya, Treasurer Luhya and 90% of members are Luhyas. Then he wants to be President. Mnyambo ya Punda!

Moses Masika Wetangula, an individual who couldn’t even convince his village to buy his ideologies! An inconsistent human being who had to attach himself to Raila for him to win his senatorial seat in Bungoma. Another very big burden who can’t even carry himself. He brings nothing to the union but problems, a big tragedy. Wafula Wamunyinyi is already stepping on the Gold Scandalist balls. Nobody knows who is the leader of Ford Bungoma. Another party who leadership is entirely limited to the boundaries of Bungoma County.

Wetangula wants to be Mudavadi’s running mate and Raila Odinga supports their candidature. I wonder whether this will be a Presidential candidature or Mululu – Kabuchai self Help Group candidature!

Baba lost genuine and useful friends in the past at the expense of some people who are more of problems than solutions. The greatest mistake for ODM was losing William Ruto. This weakened our party and dented us greatly. This is the bitter truth we should swallow and live with. Ruto deserved better after the entry into the grand coalition government! He demanded better because he deserved it anyway.

These partnerships with wrong and unworthless people is what has weakened ODM from time to time. ODM alone was stronger in 2007 than 2013, stronger in 2013 than 2017. If at all we want to regain our lost glory we must be prepared to stand ALONE, go back to the drawing board and build the party or have partnerships with useful people. Never again should Baba get into petty marriages! If not so, we must be prepared and save enough tears to cry once again!

No politics of endorsement will happen any time soon!

NASA principals, the burden on Raila’s presidency



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