Meet RUTO man millionaire ZAHEER JHANDA, the incoming MP for Nyaribari Chache

Meet RUTO man millionaire ZAHEER JHANDA, the incoming MP for Nyaribari Chache

By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

The recently concluded polls in Gusiiland show that if elections were held today, DP Dr. William Ruto’s Gusii pointman hon Zaheer Jhanda would win and become new Member of Parliament for Nyaribari Chache Constituency. According to the survey conducted by the Nairobi based pollsters, Zaheer would bag 63 per cent of votes cast.

The wise say “A watched pot never boils” but it is now clear that the people of Nyaribari Chache are ready for their incoming Member of Parliament hon Zaheer Jhanda. Those who have associated with him say he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions, a peaceful man who only understands the language of peace.

Residents of Nyaribari Chache have discombobulated all by saying they love and adore Zaheer as their own son. The Mama Mbogas and other small scale traders confess that Zaheer is not discriminative in nature. To them, he is the man of the year because he is all encompassing. His decorum and disposition to the less fortunate across Gusiiland is worth mirroring. The beneficiaries of his generosity readily countenance that he epitomizes the hope of humanity.

Zaheer is well read, astute, intelligent and all-inclusive in his assignments to humanity. This man is expected to change the face of politics in Gusiiland. One cannot but agree with me that this man preaches peace in the time of high political temperatures, displays a high level of tolerance in the time of political divisiveness. Hon Jhanda blazes a trail in diplomacy in the time of political argy-bargy. He will make history and history will be on his side.

Mheshimiwa Zaheer is equipped with a compendium of knowledge of the people of Gusiiland. He possesses similar characteristics in common with famous Gusii leaders who shaped Gusiiland positively. Some of his famous characteristics attributed to him include respect, humility and candor. These are the real attributes that are a true litmus taste of a great leader.

The moral persona of hon Zaheer will be a milestone in the history of the people of Nyaribari Chache and the larger Gusiiland. This is the man to watch because he speaks to the conscience of Omonyaribari. He is a great optimist who believes there is enough for everyone’s need and not everyone’s greed. The great people of Nyaribari Chache will be lucky to have him as Member of Parliament because no MP will match him.

Hon Zaheer’s messages of hope, messages of hope and good governance cut across politics of tribe and clan. He has an unquenchable passion and desire to see every local in Nyaribari Chache live happily and more peacefully. When he addresses his people, they are mostly moved to tears by his messages of hope.

From Ward to Central ward, Ibeno Ward to Kiogoro Ward, Birongo to Keumbu Ward, the people have decided to send Zaheer to parliament to fight for what is theirs. They have chosen Zaheer because his rich courteous background defines his personality. He sees humanity in people before their drawbacks and religious nuances. This man has tolerance and understanding of the misunderstood plebeians in the village. With him at the helm of Nyaribari Chache constituency affairs, the world will be a better place for all.

Despite being a millionaire, Zaheer understands the poor more than they understand themselves, thanks to his humble beginning. Besides his businesses, he moonlights as a social worker and serves the less privileged in the society. His humble beginning in the past makes him every common Mwananchi’s leader.

Long story short, love him or hate him, he remains Zaheer. Those who hate his guts, Spartan discipline and incorruptibility are quick to infuse his past with muck which they often rake up to make others view him unjustifiably from a myopic and selfish prism.

The people of Nyaribari Chache have decided. When the right time comes, they shall display their display their rich pedigree with royal courage. They shall raise their standard at the ballot by electing hon Zaheer as their MP.

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)


Meet RUTO man millionaire ZAHEER JHANDA, the incoming MP for Nyaribari Chache