KenyagistMama Ibado Charity donates masks, hygiene items to school...

Mama Ibado Charity donates masks, hygiene items to school children, Kakamega Township


Mama Ibado Charity has donated masks, temperature screening devices and hygiene items to Kakamega Township Primary School in support of the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 fight in schools.

Mama Ibado Charity Founder Ahmed Jibril

Mama Ibado Charity Founder, Ahmed Jibril affirmed the latest initiative is to ensure school going children from vulnerable communities in safe learning environment and protect them from sinking further into poverty and getting engaged in other social vices.
“We understand the risks of children being out of school are much higher than the when they are in schools. Our role is to create a conducive environment where they can build their future, a better tomorrow,” said Mr. Jibril.

The school has today received 10 water points, 6 Thermo guns, 700 pieces of re-usable face masks and 60 litres of hand washing soap that will help more than 600 learners effectively adhere to recommended hygiene practices and measures aimed at minimising the spread of COVID-19 in learning institutions.
“We are privileged to have received these protective equipment and hygiene items that will go a long way in strengthening capacity of these vulnerable learners to tackle COVID-19 and ensure that they are safe at all times.

Kakamega Township teachers and students are extremely grateful to MIC generosity,” said Kakamega Township Primary School headmaster, Mr. Joseph Mumalaki.

Mama Ibado Charity, Assistant Project Coordinator, Mohamed Abdi oversaw the dispatch of the consignment.
“We appreciate MIC’s contributions in alleviating poverty within the community by supporting students to stay in school and concentrate in their studies. We have already started reaping the fruits of this support through improvement in overall school results and increased shool attendance,” said Mr. Mumalaki.
The school’s enrolment rate has risen from 485 students in January 2019 to 635 by end of 2019 academic year.

About Mama Ibado Charity (MIC)

Mama Ibado Charity (MIC) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) formed from humble beginnings in 2011 with a sole objective: restoring dignity and hope to our seniors.

Since its launch, Founder Ahmed Jibril and his team of dedicated MIC volunteers have expanded from feeding 50 seniors in 2011 in Isiolo County, to 650 seniors in Isiolo and Kakamega Counties in less than a decade.

This charity was created in honour of the memory of Mama Ibado Haji Osman, who dedicated her life to fight against the poverty and the hardships experienced by many amongs her elderly peers and their families. She has left behind a legacy that continues to echo across the region to this very day.



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