Laikipia women rep. Waruguru defends her “YES” vote after backlash with constituents

Laikipia women rep. Waruguru defends her “YES” vote after backlash with constituents

The National assembly passed the BBI bill with a sizeable majority.I’ve seen more and more posts about it and I feel that I need to share my thoughts on this popular initiative.Here is my summarized review on why I voted YES and it’s benefits to the Laikipia Electorate.

For starter’s,the bill proposes the creation of extra constituencies based on the population.Laikipia is set to get 1 additional constituency.This brings with it numerous benefits that will trickle down to the constituents.An extra constituency means an extra ksh 100 million with regards to NG-CDF yearly allocation.This will inturn translate to more bursaries for our students; more educational and security projects which will positively impact our day to day life.

An extra constituency also spells out increased allocation to KERRA,this will inturn lead to more rural roads being upgraded a factor that will easen movement hence providing a condusive working environment for our people.

An increase in resources to Lalikipia; of between 35 and 50% of the last audited accounts is bound to ensure visible development projects.Which in the past have been hindered by insufficient funds.To complement this, the inclusion of the Ward Development Fund would go along way in ensuring that even the most remote areas of our County experience development.

BBI further focuses and supports the youth by stating that young people should be allowed more employment and livelihood chances by Government in order to make it easier for their small businesses to compete with other well established firms.An idea that has previously proved elusive.For the youth of Laikipia,this will open more opportunities hence bridging the ever increasing unemployment rate.

The 50 % women representation at the Senate is a huge milestone that cannot be overlooked. The Senate will have 94 members, each county represented by a woman, and a man elected by voters.It is worth noting that the bill champions for the adoption of a political representation system that will make it mandatory for Parliament and the Executive to ensure the two-thirds gender rule is observed.

By understanding what we read, we pick up important information,I hereby urge that as Laikipians ,we should comprehensively read and understand the report as we move to the next phase.


Laikipia women rep. Waruguru defends her “YES” vote after backlash with constituents


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