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Kanyenyaini Kangema: How I contracted Covid-19, my struggle to tested, admission to hospital, treatment and isolation at KU Hospital


Kanyenyaini Kangema

Hi all..long time…I have been in hospital…this is my 17th day… Early last month I highlighted a story on matatu i rode from ruiru bypass to thika…The conductor didn’t have mask ..no social distancing as the vehicle was overloaded..along the journey…I had my mask on throughout Two days later I started experiencing flu like signs….I went to a local clinic and they gave me antibiotics…on the 4th day it didn’t clear and I lost both sense of taste and smell ..it was when I decided to seek further medication at avenue hospital when I did Covid test…two days later they called me…yeah …I had covid19…Then treatment began at Kenyatta university teaching and referral hospital…upto date.

My treatment on Covid have been scaring but hilarious..it started at avenue hospital garden mall. That’s where I experienced real stigmatisation.. After explaining to the gentleman at the door..
he alerted his colleagues kuna jamaa anakaa Covid hapa…They placed me in a small room..For two hours no one attended me.. later another gentleman came…at a distance he told me nakaa kuwa na Covid..he went to a room..akatoka kama astronout…he did those uncomfortable Covid tests… baadaye akaniachia astronout gear hapo kwa floor as you can see

The two days after test were my worse… diarrhoea…loss of appetite… Heating of feet at night.added to previous signs i had mentioned… when the hospital called me…I opted taking myself there…The thought of ambulance full of astronauts coming for me I guessed how it will stigmatise my family… Avenue mliniangusha…I had to wait in open sun for one hour to get my results…Then how you dismissed me was hilarious…Hatuna kitanda hapa… surely and the way I have been with you for long…who will tag avenue hospital?

As I waited outside avenue parklands. .I noted Mwari Wa Ndungi daughter..she was just following me from a distance..I lost my temper to see the risk she was exposing herself yet she had two boys to take care off…But I cooled down…Then I remembered a gentleman who works bat Ku hospital..i called and explained…He was shocked he told me come and in 30minutes I was at the hospital gate and he quickened my admission… For the first time I came across astronauts..They subjected me to a spray with pumps hehe mmoja mbele..mmoja nyuma…and I headed to isolation ward.

In life people call me general…For wearing a strong face no matter the situation..Now Am alone in the ward…No strong face I have Covid…and may be my family and others I had infected them…..Then I received a text…a lady whom I have been supporting by buying her medicine had run out of the tablets…She can’t survive without them and chemists at mumbi house didn’t have them..I called a nurse in a private hospital and they had the tablets..the cost… a whopping 20k… thanks Evans Gichuki for saving the day..we now got a full year supply…Then stress zikaanza…I was bin denial I had Covid …I made a small Prayer.God please spare my life…Why me?just an year after losing mom to cancer..The orphans who depend on me…Alone tears started flowing as I did contact tracing of people I had interacted with.

My tears were disrupted by a nurse… After a rigorous test…and haemoglam..she delivered 17 different medicines..I was to take them all…I sat down…It took me three minutes to take each as I had difficulties in swallowing… But in thirty minutes They started taking toll on me.. Hehe I only remember the excitement…Am told I went bonkers For a few hours and am toId i gave some people alot of trouble that night..

Next Day I regained my senses..The chest was now decongested and for the first time I finished a plate of food.. But the medication took toll and I was very drowsy.Being isolated meant no visitors.. during my insane moments I had destroyed my phone… But someone assisted me with his phone and I called home….The first week I was sleeping for 18hours… Hehe I dreamt…I suspect marijuana is one of the raw products of some of the medication we are taking here

The 4th day,the doctor came in the morning routine…My sugars were at 20…Too high…She enquired whether am diabetic…I told her no…The shocker.. Most of Covid patients are developing diabetes when placed on treatment…I had to be injected with insulin and nutritionist communicated that I had to be on special diet.. This was a real shock….My pressure had issues also…This was to be controlled through drips and intake of 5 water bottles daily..

My ward is near the main entrance to isolation ward..Every day KU receives about 20 patients for Covid from other hospitals.. in ambulances.The Scenes here are scaring..Some patients are on ventilators and I hear them struggling to breath…some in their teens and very young… Others Covid have stressed their kidneys and are on dialysis… Stories of men loosing their libido power are common here.

Kenyatta University Teaching and referral hospital
Mgalla muue na haki umpe…This was a dream of professor Olivia mugenda…Those who knows her can tell you she is visionary… Perfectionist…and an effective administrator…The hospital has Very dedicated staff and state of the art facilities..The wards are super clean with very courteous staff… They dress like astronouts..I don’t know them by names but they are nice people.. They conduct three rounds per night and three rounds during daytime..Here they walk with you during treatment..They engage you… Instead of constructing a one billion house…I propose we construct Only three other KU referrals

You won’t get me in the ward during daytime.. Outside isolation wards is a Small ground…Am enjoying breathing on my own..I have converted the place to be an exercising ground..I have to take several laps here..There are benches where those in isolation relax…My hobby.. interrogating them…I have an inborne talent here…my late cucu used to call me joni wa mahuri..90% of patients are men and Kikuyu are represented here by 85% of all patients..A Young man who is 30 crown it all with spicy stories..He looks 50 with a protruding stomach and thin legs..The guy works in kitengela.He hasn’t slept sobber For the last three years. He stays in kiambu…He has boys who keeps calling him and he wishes he can sneak back.But he can’t walk a 100 metre as he got serious breathing problems…Twice they have corrided with matrons as he always mistake his room ananjikuta female wards..Alicollapse kwa lodging akaletwa hospitali..even after a week in ICU….jamaa hajaokoka

Hehe…some women defend their Men.A retired couple…They don’t venture out of the house..
They stay with there grand daughter who is in campus..The girl is a socialite…Akawaletea Corona..The lady was brought to KU..The Man opted to isolate at a hospital near home..The first day the only space was a ward the guy was to share with kamiti obtainers…at night they descended on him and molested him badly….he called the wife and she was screaming around….But the old man is now here healing Corona…an injured ar***and psychological torture… stories are the obtainers are taking sanitisers to remain positive

Wards round and ambulance sirens make me ward from sleep..There is a nurse I will nickname..I will call her nyagakubia due to noise of her boots…I sense them meters away.. Today she has made request. ..Two patients have been brought from other hospitals…They are in ventilators and she requests I be checking on them….Here They give breakfast at 5am.. Everything here is packed.Once you finish with it you dispose your utensils….Staff all dress like astronouts…no direct contact..Kama ni chakula they put it at a place then you pick…hakuna kugusana. Corona has brought another waste management problem.

Am from another Covid test.. I was still positive when they did the 1st one after 10 days…This test is scaring, traumatising and very uncomfortable…They insert swabs via the nose to the extreme end and via the mouth to extreme end…This has made me to throw all the breakfast I had taken…Then I realized

Kanyenyaini Kangema: How I contracted Covid-19, my struggle to tested, admission to hospital, treatment and isolation at KU Hospital



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