OpinionJesus of Nazareth’s contradictions makes Jehova Wanyonyi more real...

Jesus of Nazareth’s contradictions makes Jehova Wanyonyi more real and believable


By Jerome Ogola

“Today marks five years since Wanyonyi went to be with himself” is a popular joke that has been posted at least one thousand times yesterday

It is supposed to be a joke, because Wanyonyi is a fake god and Jesus is a genuine one
For starters, Wanyonyi didn’t die but was reported to have gone missing, and so there is no particular date that can be marked for his death or disappearance

The story was covered extensively by the papers. It is only after a local chief said he wrote a burial permit for the old man, that it appeared evident that the old man died, but again the dates of his death or burial were never given

I visited the shrine on a fact finding mission and reported back what I was told by the religion’s spokesman, complete with photos, in my previous FB account
In my comparison, between Wanyonyi and Jesus, the former looks more genuine than Jesus, because at least there is evidence that he existed

Assuming he died, then he did so at age 90. Assuming he existed, Jesus was lynched by a mob at age 30. Whose the genuine god here?

A man who couldn’t save himself from mob justice, now purports to want to save the world. Any logic?
On claims of being with himself, Jesus is supposed to be god, or one of the three branches of the Jewish god called God

He too “died” for our sins or so we are told. But again he didn’t die, permanently as he later resurrected. So what did he lose, exactly or how did he die for our sins?
Again we will be punished for our sins, by being burnt. Aren’t these the same sins he is supposed to have died for?

How did he die for our sins, yet we will be punished for the same?
Why would any god kill his son to save his creation from Satan? Why not kill satan?
Going by the same line of Wanyonyi being with himself, Jesus equally went to be himself, only that Wanyonyi’s was quickly and permanently and his was quickly and temporarily

Jesus’s was even more bizarre, during the transfiguration, he was talking to god, but don’t forget he is god, so he was actually talking to himself and this event was recorded by someone who wasn’t there, because he was supposed to be alone
He even pleaded with god (himself) to spare him the cruel death, although god’s (his own) will should prevail

He also taught his followers to be giving the right cheek each time the left one was slapped, but when he himself was speared on the right rib, instead of offering the left, in line with his teachings, he cried “woloi woloi”

Wanyonyi may have had flaws that make his godship questionable,but not as many as those of Jesus,only that an African is programmed to rubbish a fellow African and worship a Jewish magician called Jesus imported into Africa, to make slavery and colonialism and neo colonialism possible

The only weakness I noticed with Wanyonyi is that despite claiming to have created the universe, he himself lived on a tiny piece of land, locally known as “pointi moja”, which would beg the question why would anyone create a while universe, then let Kenyatta and Mois take a million acre only for the god to remain with such a tiny piece, for his heaven/Eden?

Lastly,assuming the story of the Jewish magician is true, although it isn’t, we are told there was someone who was forcibly prevailed to assist carry the cross but we are never told he returned the cross

Could this be the man who was crucified, after Jesus took advantage of the commotion and took off? I ask because he said on the cross that those who were killing him never knew what he they were doing
Christianity was brought to Kenya by missionaries. Why would any god create a man, a black man, then forget to tell that man, his creation, about himself only to send a muzungu, 1900 years later, to tell that black man, about him (God?)

Jesus of Nazareth’s contradictions makes Jehova Wanyonyi more real and believable



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