Important tips from COVID-19 survivor; how to battle Coronavirus

Covid19 UPDATE: It is crunch time, stand up and be counted

By Njeri Kinuthia Hinga

With permission from my brother Hinga who is still in the hospital, he wants everyone to know that one can overcome Covid-19. He asks that you don’t panic but face it head on.
He insists that our kienyeji remedies helped a lot for the 1st few days and should be part of the treatment. One of the guys he attended the funeral with in “Kinangofu” aka Kinangop also came down with Covid-19 but was able to self treat while isolating at home.

Once Hinga started experiencing cold like symptoms, he was taking home made dawa ( garlic, lemons, ginger, and honey), and vicks vaporizer inhalation to ease the breathing ( I had no clue that the guy was sick until the day he went to the hospital). I looked at his CT scan which was sent to me and I panicked!

He looks better per video, but I also spoke to him via his kabambe/kamulika mwizi that my little brother purchased and installed a new number to prevent phone calls via his known number.
I suggest you make “Dawa” part of your daily drink. Although honey is an antibiotic due to it’s low PH level which works by pulling moisture away from bacteria causing bacteria to get dehydrated and die, use it in moderation. Its quite high in calories.

Ginger will aid in gastric issues from digestion to nausea and vomiting. It also helps with chronic pain like arthritis etc. Young girls who experience pain with monthly periods should try it because its known to ease pain associated with menses. ( I wish I knew then).

Garlic is heart and blood system powerhouse. Its good for BP, high cholesterol, and hardening of the arteries.
Lemon is used for the common cold and flu, reduce hay fever/allergies symptoms, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and reduce Bp

Important tips from COVID-19 survivor; how to battle Coronavirus


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