If the SYSTEM decides to endorse Gideon Moi or Matiangi then DP Ruto will step down for me- Hon Sudi

Why MPs passed law to award themselves huge pension; corruption is a lifestyle in public service

In Kenya anything is possible, we have elected funny characters into various leadership positions; UhuRuto were a no no in 2013 but millions woke up and voted them, even after messing up the economy and powering corruption still some Kenyans had the audacity to vote Uhuru back in 2017.

Now, we have funny characters as governors; Sonko was overwhelmingly elected in Nairobi and system is scared of him for being a slum master, the real hustler.

Oscar Sudi is another and yesterday he dropped a bombshell by saying he was warming up to contest for presidency if Uhuru runs a mock and endorses Fred Matiangi or Gideon Moi.

“If at all Uhuru Kenyatta decides to endorse either Gideon Moi or Fred Matiang’i as Presidential Candidate to his side, then I have already convinced William Ruto to shelve his ambition and back me up. Hawa wakora hawawezi kunishinda.” – Hon Oscar Kipchumba Sudi

Well, that is the post Kapseret MP Hon Oscar Kipchumba Sudi made on his official facebook page and what followed were comments that nearly broke the internet; sample these:

Oseko Mwarabu Ontere: Your presidential address will be like redeemed pastors preaching because you can’t work without a translator

Kibe Jumar: 2022 two 🐎 race raila omolo odinga v William samoei ruto unless Uhuru convene another handshake btwn raila and ruto to join together and give us 1 aspirant by 10am statehouse

SN Shem Moturi: 😀😀😀😀😀 but will take centuries the system to recognise you Sudi! Perhaps you could have gone to be with the Lord.

Opuk Ja Kinda: Fellow comrades let’s check the negative health effects of bhang before we prohibit our young ones from consuming them. Am asking this on behalf of my 2000 friends. Thank you so very much.

Hon Daniel Kithuka: Gideon Moi is a political toddler whereas Matiang’i is just an overrated administrate assistant. Nothing better with them.

Nyakwar Oyoge: Gedion can defeat u even in your own constituency, u are allowed to talk on social media bt when it comes to serious b/s , u are no whre

Jobita Elvis Odongo: Convince Uhuru instead to back them up please 😂😂😂. I would really like to see your Presidency 😅😅

Isaac Dë Amicus: Some mental health escapee detected….Will somebody vie to be a president with only s national id and a DL
Asking for a brother??

Hon Nominated Governor Hsc: The certificate of baptism alone that you holds is not enough to make you our president… at least kua na certificate ya class 8.

Michael Mike: stop fighting President, wait his term to end.be calm as dp is.otherwise unaendelea kuchoma picha and showing how idle you are

If the SYSTEM decides to endorse Gideon Moi or Matiangi then DP Ruto will step down for me- Hon Sudi


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