OpinionIf Mungiki youth were ‘Europeans’ they would be alive,...

If Mungiki youth were ‘Europeans’ they would be alive, deployed as humanitarian aid volunteer in Africa


If Mungiki youth were ‘Europeans’ they would be alive, deployed as humanitarian aid volunteer in Africa

By Cyprian N

The difference between us and the rest of the world is shocking. We kill our criminals, they deploy their criminals to prey further a field for them.

The Church and Kenyans celebrated the killing of nearly 18,000 youth for being members of Mungiki. They left behind very many widows and orphans. If the Mungiki members were British, they would have been rounded together and dispatched to Congo as relief and Humanitarian Aid workers. Picture that.

We have deployed so many killer cops to gun down youth involved in crime in our cities. Such daring men and women, suspected as criminals, are the ones we should instead send to the US ???????? and Canada annually to earn us foreign exchange more than tea, coffee and flowers can ever earn us combined.

This is not a random post. I have been on this topic since 2006 when Kibaki started killing Mungiki youths.
Google up who Leon Mitchell is. The Belgian who was appointed as the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and what he did in the Congo ???????? with those Humanitarian Aid Aeroplanes ✈. Those planes in the Congo jungle smuggling billions worth of minerals daily are operated by daring French, Belgian, British, Swiss, Canadian, Chinese, American nationals amon others. DRC is just a few Kilometres away but we are busy rounding up our sons and daughters and lumping them in remand prisons, and then starving them to death instead of deploying them to the DRC to kick the foreigners out and to get us wealth to transform our economy.
We are so idiotic.

All these Chinese you see here, do you know that most are prisoners.
I see the amount of energy, resources, time and force used to destroy and contain the youth and it saddens me greatly. In 2007 and 2009 when I was vying for the Bomachoge parliamentary seat I started a campaign of rescuing the youth from the society. Why? Because for instance a young man with a young family after a hard day’s work in Kisii uses fifty shillings to have some chang’aa. The police arrest these young men and women and then demand 3k before each can be released. The number of young men in remand prison and police cells is simply too large. We love punishing our youth and it is tragic and must stop. Can’t Pastors and Imams create a program of receiving these young people to their churches and mosques to give them food and rehabilitate them instead of them rotting in jail? Can county governments work towards protecting our youth from the murderous national government machinery? European countries are closing jails every year and only retaining a few jail rooms for immigrants mostly from Africa. Those black young men and women who survive the Mediterranean Sea mostly end up in European prisons. In the USA, it is black men who are incarcerated.
REVELATION; It’s only Africa that has gained a certain historic advantage over the rest of the world. This advantage is a phenomenon called the youth bulge.

Sadly this historic advantage is the one thing that no one in Kenya or indeed Africa is focusing on. Everyone in Kenya treats the youth like a problem that needs to be solved.

We have been given a youth bulge as a blessing to end Africa’s suffering once and for all. In Kenya alone, we have nearly 9 million adults who do not have jobs. Most of them are youth below the age of 35. They are economic, social and political IDPs in our country.
This youth bulge is what holds the secret to our liberation. If we get it right that is. So far, we have gotten it disastrously wrong. The youth need only a few things; a basic assured income, social housing (which has water, sanitation lighting and basic infrastructure and safety and security), healthcare, a cutting edge education and training and an efficient public transport system.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has borrowed so much aimed at building railways and roads, making it easier for other countries to export into Kenya. It’s sad. We are borrowing to build for others to bring in the manufactured vehicles, plant and machinery, food stuffs and utilities. Uhuru Kenyatta’s economics is of making Kenya a big supermarket.

We all instead must invest in giving our youth technical and strategic training to enable them liberate us Economically and intellectually and then to release the Kenyan youth to colonize all the shores from Australia, Japan, Europe all the way North and South America.

India and China best understand the meaning of technical education.. what we do in our TVETs is not technical education and training. India’s technical institutes have equipped their youth to rule the world. They have specialized in the fourth industrial revolution technicaleducation. So is China, Japan etc. Our TVETs only focus on masonry, carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, motor vehicle mechanics and metal work. They are in crafts not in technicaleducation. We need to strength the crafts training yes, but then look towards technical education.

Our youth must not be taken to police stations, remand prison and such other incarceration. They must not be victims of police bullets in this extra judicial killings. With ICT, criminal intelligence should help us to nab these young criminals and crack their rings and cells easily. We must ship all these young people to shores out their engineer the economic revolution of our country and continent.
Instead of the massive murder and burial of our youths in the name of dealing with crime and drug and substance abuse, we should decriminalise all these infractions and misdemeanours even by allowing Bhangi and other so called drugs to be legal. We should make our ministry of foreign affairs our busiest ministry involved in placing youths in exporting skilled and technical labor and earning the country foreign currency wealth through cash they send back home which will be more valuable than the export of tea, coffee and flowers.
This is the strategy for enabling technology transfer over the years.
This is the mindset of making Kenya the FIRST AFRICAN LION.What is an African Lion in sociocultural and economic terms? Vision that for a few minutes before we discuss it later here.

To achieve this, we need to re-educate our nation. All the 8 pillars of society must focus on the youth..
1. Family. Every family should daily ask how it is forming children and the youth who will make Kenya and Africa the haven of life and peace thst it’s. Ben Okri tells us that we have poisoned our stories and therefore poisoned our nation and our Africa. This happens at the family. Wangari Maathai our professor told us that we must not join or ape cultures that are decayed and that are collapsing. Our families should be Utu families, for our nation to be an Utu nation. Families and a nation founded on KMPH.. kindness, meritocracy, productivity and Honesty. Youth centred families form and give a nation young people who are kind, honest, skilled and competent (competent) and ready to give their best fruit daily (productivity).

2. Education science and technology.. education in Kenya is said to be market oriented education. That is the problem. We need this edicatoon decolonized and fundamentally. It ought to be youth focused and sensitive education.. learner centred education. The learners are mostly youth. Every university, college, school program must become youth centered. Because if the youth carry the essence and values of the education and training, then they will responsibly deliver the revolution. We need to equip Kenyan learners with the mindset, attitude, competencies, skills they need to create a just, cohesive, peaceful, democratic and prosperous nation state that leads in the liberation of Africa. We should train engineers, lawyers, doctors, writers, thinkers, innovators who liberate DRC from the exploitation of foreigners. Who make unacceptable for the USA to place military bases all over Africa so that it can spur with China and others as they rip off Africa of its wealth.

3. Religion; religion must focus on what they will do for the youth. We need to decolonize and dialogue with the clergy to understand what religion is for. Religion that does not focus on the majority who are the youth and women, their souls and wellness is illegitimate religion.

4. Government must become government that serves, supports, invests and enables the youth to live and secure the Kenyan dream found in our National Anthem at Stanza 1. That is where the Kenyan dream is found.. Haki, Undugu, Amanda, Uhuru na Ustawi (Prosperity)
Judiciary, Parliament, the devolved governments, the ministries, parastatals, the NIS, the military, the police must be reoriented to be youth centred. Every aspect of government should be turned to focus on the youth not the market (to mean the few billionares Kenyans and the few foreign businesses in Kenya) as is the case today. We need a government decolonization agenda.

5. Businesses and the economic sectors should ask: how do we build the economy thst is driven by the youth innovation, energy, vibrancy etc? How do we take interests rates to 4 or 3% so that the youth can plunge into businesses and solve the unemployment problem, export fellow youths to drive other economies and give Kenya the wealth we need to transform the regional and African economies.
We are positioned at the Eastern gate of Africa, which makes us the true African gate. The Arab North owes its loyalty to Europe and Arabia. Kenya plus ➕ 3 as a strategy lands you in Egypt, Libya, Chad, DRC, CAR, Angola, SA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique. . That is how to become the African Lion.

Business is what will liberate us. Instead of African youth dying in the Mediterranean, they should come to Kenya. Already Cameroonian, Nigerian , Ugandan , Ghanaians, Burundian, Rwandese, Congolese young men and women are here as hawkers of Njugu, barbers, masseurs, musicians and entertainers. Let’s grab the crown ???? South Africa has rejected through its xenophobia.

6. The professions and worker pillar should through policy create pathways where the youth professionals are mentored, coached, supported to retain Kenyan labour as the best and most trusted in Africa. Youth hostels in all the 47 counties should be set up to ensure that the youth focus on career excellence and work ethic that is unique to Kenya one of excellence.

7. Music, art, sports be focused on the youth and how to enable the youth produce the best fruit in art and sport. Best footballers, best rugby players, best athletes, musicians, writers, name it. Nairobi should boast of the best African clubs, theatres, where a Visa is not required from any African. Our long distance Athletes, Sauti Soul, Our Rugby fame, our cricket our volleyball, our literary Houses, cinema and film making must be made the go to, the standard for Africa.

8. Media and communications must ask how the youth interact with, use and consume what the media is offering. If this clear then, youth centred media and communications pillar of society will support the above seven pillars to thrive and succeed. Africa’s CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera etc must then be based in Nairobi once Nairobi becomes the City of Africa. Where every African feels at home.

The youth are our blessing and our answer from God as Kenya and Africa. Let’s invest in them our kindness, our honesty, our meritocracy and our productivity. Do you see a leadership that is qualitatively better than Uhuru Ruto and Jubilee which decides to invest in the generations not the elections? There are Kenyans I know who are ready to invest in the AFRICAN LION Kenya ???????? Bora Tuitakayo Enterprise.

Cyprian Orina-Nyamwamu
Chancellor Future of Kenya Foundation University

If Mungiki youth were ‘Europeans’ they would be alive, deployed as humanitarian aid volunteer in Africa



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