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How greedy DP Ruto is using cheap politicians from Mt Kenya region to undermine Uhuru


By Ngunjiri Wambugu via FB

I had a very interesting discussion with a close friend and political ally from Nyeri Town this week. He’s my hardline supporter; KABISA. He’s also a William Ruto’s supporter; KABISA. So he wanted to understand why I don’t support Ruto and Ruto doesn’t want to be Nyeri MP ????
I told him that my problem with Ruto is that he’s trying to get Mt Kenya support for nothing.
In 2012 when Uhuru Kenyatta needed William Ruto’s support to get the RV behind his presidential bid Ruto demanded certain things. He demanded for the Deputy President position. Which he got. He also demanded for a say in how government is formed. He got 50% of government.
With these he ensured that his stronghold – mainly Kalenjin Rift Valley with 2M votes – benefitted immensely from the Uhuru Kenyatta government. He also ensured that he, as their kingpin and representative; also benefitted, including from a position as DP where he could not be fired from even if he fell out with Uhuru.

(He also demanded for several other things which he got. But that’s neither here nor there). But remember he even got a public declaration from Uhuru of ‘Kumi Yangu. Kumi Yako’ – which is what he premises his 2022 campaign on.
Ruto used what he negotiated for in 2012 to build internal and external capacity such that 8 years later he stands a viable chance of being President. But to do that he is now the one who needs the support of Mt Kenya. But HE DOES NOT WANT MT KENYA TO DEMAND FOR ANYTHING FROM HIM FOR THEIR SUPPORT!

Ruto wants us to believe we owe him support in 2022, because he supported Uhuru in 2012. He does not want us to make any demands on him – AT ALL – as a region. And he will not offer us anything. But did Ruto support Uhuru for nothing in 2012?
In 2012 Ruto mobilized 2M votes behind Uhuru Kenyatta. In return he demanded for (AND GOT) the Deputy Presidency; a position from which he was assured he would not be fired not matter how he behaved. He also demanded for (AND GOT) a 50% say in the government that Uhuru formed after he won (and filled it mainly with people from Rift Valley). He also demanded (AND GOT) an independent budget for his office (for a while at least). He also demanded (AND GOT) a public declaration from Uhuru Kenyatta – ‘Yangu Kumi; na Yako Kumi’.
Ruto as Deputy President was IN GOVERNMENT to ensure that Uhuru delivered in his promises to him, and his region.
Politics is about interests. Let me repeat that. POLITICS IS ABOUT INTERESTS! It is therefore inherently selfish.
Mt Kenya has specific interests, needs, fears, & expectations. Interests that are SPECIFIC TO IT AS A REGION.
For example, Mt Kenya needs an assurance that it will be represented at the national leadership ‘table’ always. It also needs to know that no one will interfere in how it determines its internal representation in Parliament or Senate. It needs to know that an equitable portion of public sector opportunities will be available for its sons and daughters. It needs to be assured of the security of its sons and daughters doing business or working anywhere in the country. It needs an assurance that the region will get an appropriate piece of the National cake as national projects. It needs to know that projects already started in the region and not complete by the time Uhuru leaves office will be completed. It needs an assurance that it’s entrepreneurs will get government business. ETC.

William Ruto badly wants and needs the Mt Kenya region’s support to be President in 2022. BUT SO FAR HE HAS NOT OFFERED MT KENYA ANYTHING IN RETURN FOR THEIR SUPPORT! He also does not want the region to demand for anything from him for their support. In fact he gets very upset when anyone from our region asks him how his Presidency would benefit Mt Kenya region specifically. But he still wants our 8M votes. ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

Ruto will not promise Mt Kenya the Deputy Presidency. He will not promise us a 50% stake in his government. He will not promise to take care of our farmers, PSV operators, large and small business community, or our youth. He will not promise to deliver any projects to our region. He will not promise to ensure our entrepreneurs get business from his government. He will also not promise to ensure that we have an INDEPEDENT MT KENYA LEADER seated around the table with him, in a position that Ruto cannot fire him from if they disagree. He will also most certainly not promise us ‘Yangu Kumi; na Yenyu Kumi’’.

He does not want a strong independent Mt Kenya leader around because he does not want to be asked the question – WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER MT KENYA? This is why he will directly and indirectly undermine anyone who is independent enough to ask him this question. He also has a major problem with anyone who reminds Mt Kenya that WE DO NOT OWE HIM ANYTHING IN 2022 because got everything he demanded for from Uhuru Kenyatta in 2012.
So Ruto prefers to hang out with only those Mt Kenya leaders who are his sycophants. Those who sing his praises. The ones who promise to rally the region behind him FOR NOTHING (except maybe money in their own individual pockets). The ones who do not care enough about the region to ask for anything for the rest of us.

My Nyeri Town supporter who was also Ruto’s supporter in 2022, is a changed man after our discussion. He says that as much as he likes Ruto he will now withhold his support for him until Ruto tells us what he has in store for us, as Mt Kenya.
This is now my mission. To give every single person in Mt Kenya who supports Ruto the same challenge. Why do you support Ruto? What will his Presidency do for you, specifically; or for your mother/father/brother/sister, from our region?

do the same. Ask this question of any leader from Mt Kenya – MP, MCA, Clergy, etc – who says they support William Ruto for President in 2022. Let us understand whether they understand that politucs is about interests. Let us all understand what is in it for us as a region, in a William Ruto Presidency. (This applies also to those who want us to support Raila, Gedion, Musalia, Kalonzo, Dida, etc).
Let us share the answers here this Christmas. Let’s be #WOKE my people.

How greedy DP Ruto is using cheap politicians from Mt Kenya region to undermine Uhuru



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