NewsHow DP Ruto’s camp is planning to rig Kiamokama...

How DP Ruto’s camp is planning to rig Kiamokama ward by-election in Kisii county


Tangatanga has become desperate in Kiamokama Ward, Kisii County. They have desperately designed petty propaganda which they are planning to try to salvage the little they can in an election they have terribly lost before even the elections tomorrow.

Tangatanga surrogates in Kisii have printed leaflets which they are planning to distribute in Kiamokama tonight.

The contents of the leaflets are that if the residents of Kiamokama are not going to vote the ODM candidate then the county government of Kisii is going to withdraw all development projects from the area. This is a very desperate, sick and tired propaganda that even an epileptic donkey can’t believe.

Now let me state the following:

1. You are not going to succeed to throw even a single leaflet in Kiamokama tonight. Take that to the bank.

2. All those who have printed the leaflets are known, we know where you printed them and where you have kept them. We are coming for them. You can run but you can’t hide.

3. Those who are planning the same and those lined to distribute you have been marked, you are being watched closely. Your movements are being monitored.

4. If you attempt that suicidal action be ready to face unimaginable consequences. Be ready to face THUNDER. It’s not a threat but a serious WARNING.

5. I am warning you not to attempt. Don’t please. You will not cause chaos in Kiamokama. Kiamokama is going to vote PEACEFULLY and elect their MCA.

The fear mongering antics planned by those who have already lost the elections are not going to work. The security apparatus are vigilant and have all the intelligence on what is happening on the ground. No fishy action is going to succeed.

KIAMOKAMA is a done deal!

After the elapse of a very strainous campaign period in Kiamokama Ward, Kisii County, the residents of that ward are going to the ballot tomorrow on Thursday, 4th of March to elect their MCA. The seat fell vacant after ODM’s Kennedy Mainya succumbed to Covid 19 in November last year.

Kiamokama Ward by-election has attracted very high competition and interest, it being perceived as a testing ground for political parties in the upcoming general elections in 2022. The campaigns in Kiamokama have been majorly clan based, with most of the candidates trying to align themselves with their clans. Voter bribery is also a big factor.

The Party of Economic Development settled on an experienced long serving DC, Daniel Ondabu who entered the race as a front runner above the rest. Ondabu’s main campaign strategy has been clannism. Unfortunately, his support seems to have diminished greatly after failing to convince the people of Kiamokama on what exactly he’s going to do for them what he never managed to do when he was a powerful District Commissioner.

Some residents of his ward have been heard challenging and ridiculing him that when his colleagues in the Provincial administration are vying for governorship in various counties in the country for him he has reduced himself to vying for MCA in the village. He has since disappeared and lost hope in the race despite perceived of being a front runner. He’s said to have completely gone missing in the last week of campaigns.

ODM Party surprised many when it settled on a young man Malach Matara Mainya to fly it’s ticket in Kiamokama. Malach is the only new entrant in the Kiamokama race, all his opponents have been losers in Kiamokama in the past elections. Despite entering the race as an underdog, Matara has completely shifted the political topography of that ward. Malach based his campaigns on continuing the agenda of the late Kennedy Mainya where he promised to finish the projects that the late MCA had started. Some of the projects are already ongoing something which has greatly enabled him to have massive support across the ward. He’s expected to win the race very easily and with a landslide.

UDA also staged a candidate by the name Nyakeramba. Nyakeramba is a known perennial loser in Kiamokama, he’s known as a serious political entrepreneur. He has based his campaigns mainly on voter bribery. On several instances, allied of the Deputy President from Kisii have been caught of video bribing voters the entire campaign period. Despite spending so much, Nyakeramba popularity still lies in a deep well. He’s completely out of the competitive bracket.

Those aligned to UDA have already shown signs of conceding defeat just a day to the elections by raising claims of voter bribery accusing the ODM candidate when it’s their candidate bribing voters. They are raising claims of being blocked from accessing Kiamokama and opponents planning chaos when it’s them who have been having night meetings in Kisii Town to cause chaos in Kiamokama.

Kiamokama Ward by-election will be extremely PEACEFUL come tomorrow and the people of that ward will have an opportunity to affirm their support for the MCA elect MALACH MATARA MAINYA. Thank you.

Start of Kiamokama’s kuot…..

Thank you.

How DP Ruto’s camp is planning to rig Kiamokama ward by-election in Kisii county



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