NewsHon Kalonzo is a political Hyena in Ukambani

Hon Kalonzo is a political Hyena in Ukambani



There is a saying that you can apply lipstick on a pig, but it still remains a pig. This statement aptly describes Wiper Party, a party formed from the betrayal of 2007, and buried deep in a pit of confusion and illusion.

Today, they have issued a statement castigating the Rt Hon Raila Odinga, Kenya’s foremost statesman and the paragon of virtue in our politics. Like their leader, Wiper Party sits on a solid foundation of shamelessness and turncoat politics that would make chameleons blush in envy.

Let us begin with the more simple. There is no part of Kenya and the world where the Rt Hon Odinga can be termed a coward. When he spent nine years in detention, Hon Kalonzo Musyoka was a malleable, hypnotised choirboy for the one party system. It doesn’t occur to Hon Kalonzo that the worst atrocities of the single party rule, ranging from the murder of Dr Robert Ouko, to the tribal clashes of 1991, occured while he was Kanu Organising Secretary peddling the Baba na Mama parrot tune. History will always record that when the liberation warriors faced the darkest days of their lives between 1985 to 2002, Kalonzo cheered, like a hound smelling more blood. When he joined the liberation warriors in 2002, he was the last to leave Kanu, obviously hoping, like a hungry hyena, that a miracle could happen by which Moi could crown him King. Mr Musyoka, is the hyena of our Ukambani land, as well as the hyena of the nation!

Revisionism is a disease whose vaccine we need to find as a nation. The Wiper statement alleges that in 2001, Hon Odinga betrayed Charity Ngilu, Wamalwa Kijana and Mwai Kibaki to join Kanu. Now, because facts are not tree leaves that fall and dry in the summer, we are constrained to remind Wiper that in 2001, Hon Odinga was the Leader of the National Development Party (NDP) and there is no logical mechanism by which he could have betrayed the leaders of independent parties like DP, SDP and Ford Kenya. There was no alliance and no coalition. Indeed, if Wiper cared to read history, they will find that Raila pushed for a joint opposition candidate in 1997, and when his colleagues refused, he went on his own and refused to attend their post-election whinefest. Between 1997 and 2002, Raila was in no coalition with the opposition leaders.

But given that Wiper is a party alien to politics of principles, we wish to state to them for free that when Hon Odinga couldn’t stomach the shenanigans in Ford Kenya, after Chairman Wamalwa Kijana sanitised the Goldenberg scam in the PAC Report, Hon Odinga left Ford Kenya and joined NDP. We would love to know when Kalonzo ever made a decision of principle, but we won’t hold our breath.

It is our understanding that the statement issued yesterday was issued by ODM SG Edwin Sifuna. We know why Wiper drags ODM PL Raila Odinga into it. Small parties with no structures, like Wiper, simply can’t believe that a party can have a functional SG who works and delivers, like Sifuna does for ODM. In their narrow minds, only Raila can speak in ODM. Here in Ukambani, you can ask anyone who the Wiper SG is, and they wouldn’t tell you. It is a small party eating crumbs on the national table, and thinking it is a big time national player. The truth is out there.

As Sifuna stated in that statement, Kalonzo was biding time like a vulture, in 2013, waiting for H.E. Uhuru and DP Ruto to be jailed at the ICC, so he could become the presidential candidate. Before that, in 2007, Kalonzo was the chief peddler of the narrative that Hon Odinga was unelectable, and so he just had to be the ODM candidate. When he couldn’t get that, he fled with the ODM instruments and caused a mini crisis. When the subsequent election was stolen, Kalonzo sided with PNU to spite Hon Odinga, and is the cause of today’s entrenched system of electoral injustices.

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The belief that Kalonzo joined Hon Odinga because he believed in the latter’s ideals is too far fetched to see the light of day. In 2013, Kalonzo was a hyena cut loose, looking for a bush to hide. Hon Odinga had mercy on him. Not many would have. Kalonzo attracts negativity because he is an agent of negativity. We in Ukambani have a running joke that in Tseikuru, anyone who ever raised his head trying to succeed in anything would be nipped in the bud because only Kalonzo could shine. He is like a witchdoctor, only in a suit and tie!

Wiper Party claims that Hon Odinga runs coalitions that collapse every five years. ODM has been in existence since 2005. If you include the referenda, ODM will be heading to its SIXTH election in 2022, the ONLY party in multiparty Kenya to reach that milestone. Hon Odinga has run the biggest and most resilient movement for 16 years, and it is just getting stronger. The so called five year collapse exists in Kalonzo’s mind. In fact, we challenge Wiper to get any support outside Ukambani before they are qualified to discuss these things!

We also notice that Wiper claims that Raila has been isolated by his NASA co-principals. Hon Odinga gets his support from Kenyans. During his swearing in as the people’s president in 2018, nearly a million Kenyans attended, while millions others followed on TV. Since joining politics, these are the people on whose trust and support Hon Odinga has relied on. It is their isolation he would be worried about, not that of three blind mice singing Kumbaya to their greed and stomachs, hoping that manna will fall on their lap from heaven!

We in Ukambani and Lower Eastern in general, wish to warn Wiper that the days of small party, regional supremacy, are gone. We are going into an election that will require only big players and brave warriors. Those who seek endorsements can go to the villages and be endorsed as village heroes. At the national level, we firmly stand behind our leader Hon Odinga, a man whose credentials and struggle for the nation are known even by children. We ask Kalonzo and Wiper to desist from mentioning Hon Odinga, or we will expose the dirty Ukambani closet to the nation. Let this be the last warning.

Lower Eastern Political Caucus.
22nd Feb 2021.

Hon Kalonzo is a political Hyena in Ukambani



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