Gov. Waiguru celebrates 50th birthday in love

Gov. Waiguru celebrates 50th birthday in love

As I celebrate my 50th birthday today I thought I’d share 5 lessons I’ve learnt in life;

  1. Have an Anchor! Mine is God. Life will throw you twists and turns and in those moments of turbulence the anchor holds!

2. Build a strong support system! Family and friends who stay true and remind you of what life is truly about are invaluable. They will keep you grounded.

  1. Live, laugh and love! Try new things often. Some of my most enjoyable moments have been driving across this country, stopping at Nyama joints, chats with ordinary Kenyans…all this in great company! My husband & I have driven to 37 counties.. we are hoping to cover the remaining 10 soonest.

  2. Think generational impact. Make your foot print extremely clear where you are for two reasons; One for legacy and two, so that those who come after you never have to guess where to step.

5. A special one for the women and young girls out there; we have lesser excuses and greater opportunities than those before us to make our voices heard! Let’s make them and future generations proud!


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