Gov. Joho to meet DP Ruto over the weekend, to Dump Raila’s ODM


Gov. Joho to meet DP Ruto over the weekend, to Dump Raila’s ODM

By Abdulahi Musa via FB

If you remove the name Raila and ODM from Joho he is nobody both in Mombasa and National politics.

Joho’s re-election was hectic the visit of Luo Kerr to only Mombasa county during election was itself a clear indication that Joho was backing on a wave otherwise angekuwa one term governor.

After all Marwa was very innocent it’s Joho who use to call him through private numbers and starts insulting him yes like a kid that is how much he was looking for altercation with the security forces to gain sympathy!

Both Joho and Ruto are expected in Instanbul this weekend or next week.

With about two years remaining to the next general election, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho may find himself in a tricky political situation, where he may be forced to make a bold move to rescue his future in the game of politics.

Joho who is in his second and final term as Mombasa Governor, has declared his intention to run for the country’s presidency. However, for him, the journey to state house may prove to be the biggest test of his over 10 years in the game. The ODM deputy party leader is one of the most dependable members of the Raila Odinga-led outfit. But this is where the problem lies: What if Raila makes another stab at the presidency? Does Joho have alternative “B”?

At just 43 years of age, the Mombasa Chief has many years left to advance his political agenda. But is he ready to shelve his political ambitions and wait for his time to come? If not, what next for him?

With key Raila associates including Siaya Senator James Orengo and his own elder brother Oburu Odinga, having made several declarations that the former Premier will vie in 2022, Joho is left in a tricky political situation, which may force him to make the right political decision.

So, dumping ODM may be an option. But to where exactly?

Is joining Deputy President William Ruto’s camp the best step for him? Most likely. Remember, there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics, only permanent interests.

Gov. Joho to meet DP Ruto over the weekend, to Dump Raila’s ODM


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