NewsExposed: Dirty deals among Kisii politicians surrounding DP Ruto,...

Exposed: Dirty deals among Kisii politicians surrounding DP Ruto, Shocking!


By Allan Ouma

For a long time now, the Abagusii have been wondering why DP Dr William Ruto disrespects and keeps on defaecating in their backyard with unexplainable impunity. Here is why. The DP has increasingly surrounded himself with knobheads, brothel creepers, pickpockets, idea thieves, dead rats, prostitute users, economic gangsters etc. who would rather die than honestly remind Ruto that they are milking him dry but are rejected in their own community. This circle of political conmen keeps widening and even political novices are now wondering what the man from Sugoi is up to. If someone keeps being led to your house by villages thieves and rapists, what will you say of them?

Despite all the human and technical endowments that God has blessed the Kisii community with globally, William Ruto has chosen to deal with the following shadowy characters as their political faces and links to the Kisii community. What an insult! Surely let me repeat: if someone keeps on coming to your house with a known village thug or thugs, will you be comfortable hosting them? If someone keeps on coming to your home with a known village rapist, will you open your gates for them? If you are doubting my thesis, look at some short bios of the persons leading the Ruto campaign in Kisii and Nyamira counties:

1. SAMUEL OMWANDO – a violence-peddler, election loser and a known land grabber with dozens of skeletons in his closet. He has grabbed several pieces of land in Kisii and facing many court cases. With this profile, you still wonder how he keeps on collecting handouts from Karen hustlers mansion?

2. DON BOSCO GICHANA – a known runaway fugitive who has been in jail in Tanzania for money laundering charges. His close associates in the U.S. are in jail for fraud and money laundering. If it were not for Hon Raila Odinga (not William Ruto) who intervened and begged his bosom buddy President John Magufuli, the bugger will still be rotting in jail in TZ. When he was released recently, instead of going to pay homage to his mother’s grave who died when he was in jail, Ruto organized for him a homecoming to Gusii Stadium complete with the DP’s choppers.

3. JOSPHAT ABAGA SAGERO – a known fraudster and fugitive since his days in the US. All the jobs he has had, he has left unceremoniously and now has resorted to living on handouts. Were it not for the his homemate and classmate (currently a senior civil servant) who secured for his cateress wife a job in Kenyatta University and paid full fees for his kid at Alliance High School, Sagero could be begging for Ksh 500 on the streets of Nairobi. I want DP Ruto to know that before he sends Sagero to insult senior civil servants, he should first of all ask him who paid for his child’s fees in Alliance High School. We have the records! Instead of the DP buying Sagero alcohol so that he can abuse a respected son of Omogusii, he should give him a job so that he can pay fees for his children!

4. HON SYLVANUS OSORO – a known CDF fraud who has embezzled CDF funds by giving tenders to his relatives and doing 90% of the CDF tenders including School development using his own tenders. He is currently fighting Matiang’i by fighting his security administration in Kisii. Sylvanus Osoro survives on Sugoi handouts.

5. ZAHEER JHANDA – a shadowy politician better known for his fraudulent gold scams that have swindled innocent Kenyans and foreigners of hundreds of millions of shillings. His ‘wash-wash’ trade is a known prime avenue through which the DP is funding his political activities in Kisii and Nyamira counties.     

5. D-G JOASH MAANGI – The deputy governor ran away from the US where he abandoned his wife and two sons. He is now being used by Ruto to abuse President Uhuru Kenyatta & his senior government officials and make his home town Gusii to be perceived a William Ruto’s support base. He is a flip flopper who goes to an extent of tapping/recording in meetings of Kieleweke and takes the recordings to William Ruto.

A selfish loser of senatorial seat in 2017 who believes in self-entitlement. He was rejected by Kisii electorate and has turned out to be Ruto’s handout man; moving from hotel to hotel in Nairobi to plan how to look for DP Ruto and look for handouts. He is now opposing President Uhuru Kenyatta and fueling Abagusii’s hatred against the President but doesn’t have any electorate. Do you know how many Nyachae family members are in Uhuru government? This is a separate story coming soon. But Charles is currently fighting many child support cases and is broke after his dad Mzee Simeon Nyachae reportedly disowned him due to his embarrassing political manoeuvres.

An idealist who mismanaged the Kenya Ports Authority funds by embezzling funds and money laundering the port’s money with William Ruto who has stolen almost all public coffers. His recent associations with Ruto shows how they stole the money together but pretended to chanpion for ‘Obomo bwo Omogusii’ after he has been arrested.

Owing to all this, the Kisiis are asking the DP to respect them and stop looking down upon them by visiting upon them regrettable disgraces that make the community’s name stink globally. If indeed the DP has all the money and an incredible war chest that his henchmen keep lecturing people about in bars and other social places, he can parade a better assembly.

DP Ruto, please respect the Abagusii people. Stop embarrassing yourself by embarrassing us with these characters. Do your homework. The bible says, show me your friends and I will tell you your character! We now know your character, and we are watching your moves.

Exposed: Dirty deals among Kisii politicians surrounding DP Ruto, Shocking!



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