NewsEvil scheme by DP Ruto allies against BBI exposed

Evil scheme by DP Ruto allies against BBI exposed



Meanwhile, we have received credible information that Karen has been a bee hive of activities with plans to disrupt BBI Public Participation across the Mount Kenya Region.

That’s one of the reasons that Karen leading blogger was offline for almost two days. He and other Politicians were recruiting goons who Will be used to disrupt the hearings.

Already, our mole at Karen has leaked a document showing the the planned evil schemes that have been developed during the weekend

The Document , Titled BBI PUBLIC PARTICIPATION DISRUPTIONS MECHANISMS IN MT. KENYA REGION exposes evil plans of causing chaos through heckling, booing and throwing of furnitures around, with the end result of humiliating President Uhuru Kenyatta in his backyard.

These are the main points in the EVIL PLAN.

Pro Tanga Tanga Supporters and Anti BBI Elements to arrive at 8:00AM in social halls and occupy all seats.

❎ Pro Tanga Tanga Community Organizations and Friendly Churches Network to mobilise today(Sunday) for next week participation.

❎ Buy enough smartphones to local bloggers to record instances on jeering and heckling in social halls.

❎ Dispatch freelancer journalists and correspondents from Nairobi across Mt. Kenya region to cover all altercation and stream them live to ensure maximum exposure and embarrassment.

❎ Amplify and promote #RejectBBI hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and link it with international organizations, mission, embassies, diplomats, ambassadors, human rights organizations, high commissioners and United Nation office nairobi.

❎ Tearing of BBI literature material and if possible burning them live on camera.

❎ Rent a house in Nyeri for the purposes of cordination and na also house tanga tanga MPs at Narumoro home of a vocal Nyeri MP.

❎ Distribution of FAKE Constitutional Ammendment Bill and BBI that purports Abortion, gay marriages will be legalized, BBI will reduce churches to 1,000 across Kenya and there shall be mandatory learning of Islamic teaching in all primary schools across Mt Kenya.

❎ Irungu Kangata and Alice Wahome to address media at Thika Greens purporting arrest of Pro Hustlers participants in Social cnhhshalls and promise to offer legal services for free.

❎ Ichungwa, Rigathi Gachagua to cordinate transportation of media personnel from one social hall to another.

❎ Kimani Ichungwa to facilitate stipends/allowances to all press and observes, reimbursement to strategic personnel across Mt Kenya.

Be it as it may, the evil scheme will be defeated by the residents of the Mountain, who have decided to overwhelmingly vote for the BBI, whose passage will increase devolution resources in the region by ksh.55B.



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