“Endorse yourselves”, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula and Gedion MOI told


There’s no greater injustice than when anus farts and the head recieves a knock. The endose me Coalition is busy farting everywhere and destroying what Raila Odinga has already built for their own benefits. The ripple effect to that is that William Ruto is gaining more ground from what they doing. That’s why I keep on asking, who is exactly their opponent?

The laws of common sense dictates that you don’t continue digging when you are already in a hole, unless that hole is the sacred honey pot. All the Endorse Me Coalition proponents are already in a political well. They can’t breath well. They are struggling to gain control of their own political backyards but still they are digging further to lose support from other parts of the country!

It’s beats logic for any of those to think that their main challenger in Raila Odinga unless and otherwise they are secretly working as upcoming wheelbarrow pilots. It remains a fact that none of them will beat William Ruto or Raila Odinga in the ballot with the endorsement of the latter against the former and vice versa!

Who is exactly the Endorse Me Coalition main opponent in their village campaigns? Who is exactly the EMC Presidential candidate? Let’s now assume Baba Raila Odinga quits the Presidential race as they wish. Let’s now place any of the EMC candidates in the ballot together with William Ruto.

Yes, now the Tseikuru chameleon or the Mululu Makaburi Scandalist or the Kabarak Museum CEO is in the ballot as the main challenger of William Ruto. Just think of that, just imagine what is going to happen. I’m telling you Ruto will send those political clowns to oblivion never to be heard again.

The confused Endorse Me Coalition should just stop blogging from the comfort of their villages and get out campaign. Let them show us their potential and then they start looking for endorsements. You can’t expect to be picked from a certain village where you are hibernating and blogging and then made President!

It has never happened and shall never happen!
I saw William Ruto condemning Government’s OVERBORROWING today. I laughed my ribs out. When Raila Odinga was complaining about the SGR being used as cash cow to drain this country off it’s wealth, Ruto himself stood and branded Raila the Lord of poverty and an enemy of development.

The Jubilee Government then in their first term, borrowed billions and looted almost everything. Ruto being the highest beneficiary of the corrupt dealings in government then. Today he has changed tune blaming himself for overborrowing and stealing everything. Still you will find some robots cheering him.

The SGR was Jubilee’s development milestone according to them in their first term. As we speak it has turned out to be the most USELESS thing which has happened in this country. It makes no economic sense anymore. Apart from Mombasa to Syokimau, the SGR has remained a shell inside nowhere. Nothing is happening on it. It’s a tourist attraction centre!

We live in a strange country indeed!

End of an expectant kuot….

“Endorse yourselves”, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula and Gedion MOI told


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