“Eating” a woman’s money needs PhD, special effort and talent

“Eating” a woman’s money needs PhD, special effort and talent

By Silas Nyanchwani via FB

Last December when I wrote a piece warning women that it is mostly low-quality men who may want to chop their money, I was called a garden variety misogynist.

You can only be conned for two reasons: greed or naivete. Often it is greed or a certain expectations.

I am almost 50 and I can tell you Maina, kukula pesa ya mwanamke requires special effort.

Now, if you were to do a profile of women who claimed to have been conned, you will emerge with a very specific, statistically verifiable pattern. If you review the data of men who con women (Luo men jokes aside), you will also find a very similar pattern.

Once women joined capitalism, they must accept their fair share of responsibilities and that includes wealth redistribution. Men do that all the time. Hence the Roysambu and TRM jokes. Those things don’t occur out of the blue.
Last year alone, at least ten men complained to me how they had funded vanity projects of their girlfriends who later abandoned them, mercilessly for richer men when the same men could not sustain the same. From the script it was pure conwomanship.

When men complain about kukuliwa fare, we take it as a joke but it is something very serious. Very.

Thousands of men have had their drinks spiked and robbed off valuable electronics and some have even died as a result.

It all boils down to our expectations.

I know the men who are given the money. They do play a certain vital role in a woman’s life. In Nairobi nothing comes easy. Or free.

So, if you have ever been conned, be smart next time. Just know, as an adult, male or female, once you live in a city, shit happens.

Just review your choices.

Playing a victim doesn’t help and of course, the law is very stupid in such matters as anyone who has ever tried to report a conman.

We can decide to bury our heads in the sand.
Or we can be adults and tell each other the truth.

“Eating” a woman’s money needs PhD, special effort and talent


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