Breaking: Statehouse deletes congratulatory message to President Museveni, why?

Breaking: Statehouse deletes congratulatory message to President Museveni, why?

Kenyans have been treated with shock this morning after statehouse is Kenya through the official social media handles congratulated uganda’s presidential dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Through their official social media handles the president termed president Yoweri Kaguta’s re-election as a testimony of confidence the people of Uganda had in his leadership further said that he looks forward to working with the benevolent dictator in strengthening the strong bilateral ties between Kenya and Uganda for the mutual benefit of the people of the two republics, in his last sentence the president said Uganda had achieved stability and registered consistent economic growth and the president Museveni father president Kenyatta assured Kenya commitment to continue partnering with Uganda in advancing regional and continental integration agenda.

The post didn’t go well with Kenyans on social media who termed the message ridiculous and the highest level of hypocrisy never seen before in the Kenyan land.

Few leaders including Tanzania’s President John pombe Magufuli have congratulated president Museveni.

Nakupongeza Mhe. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni kwa kutangazwa na Tume ya Uchaguzi ya Uganda kuwa mshindi wa kiti cha Urais. Tanzania itaendeleza urafiki na udugu wetu kwa maslahi mapana ya wananchi. Hongereni Waganda kwa kukamilisha Uchaguzi Mkuu, endeleeni kudumisha amani na upendo.”, President Magufuli tweeted

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has scored a decisive election victory to win a sixth term, the country’s election commission said on Saturday, but his main rival Bobi Wine denounced the results as fraudulent and urged citizens to reject them.

The 76-year-old Museveni, in power since 1986 and one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, dismissed the allegations of fraud in an evening address to the nation, saying Thursday’s election may turn out to be the “most cheating free” in Uganda’s history.

The Electoral Commission said final counts showed Museveni won 5.85 million votes, or 58.6%, while Wine had 3.48 million votes (34.8%).

The campaign was marked by a deadly crackdown by security forces on Wine, other opposition candidates and their supporters. In the run-up to the vote local civil society groups and foreign governments questioned its credibility and transparency, after scores of requests for accreditation to monitor the election were denied.

The United States and an African election monitoring group complained of election irregularities.

Britain said it was concerned by a national internet shutdown that began the day before the vote, and that it said constrained freedoms and “clearly limited the transparency of the elections”. In a statement, British Minister for Africa James Duddridge also called for concerns about the election process to be investigated.

Wine, a 38-year-old singer-turned-lawmaker who had rallied young Ugandans behind his call for political change, called the results a “complete fraud”.

“It’s an election that was taken over by the military and the police,” he said in a phone interview from inside his home in the capital, Kampala, which was surrounded by soldiers who he said had forbidden him from leaving.

“It further exposes how dictatorial the Museveni regime is,” added Wine, who campaigned to end what he called widespread corruption. “It’s a mockery of democracy.”

Breaking: Statehouse deletes congratulatory message to President Museveni, why?


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