PoliticsA dictionary of political jargons; what hustlers tell politicians,...

A dictionary of political jargons; what hustlers tell politicians, the secret code language


1. Hayuko kwa ground (he isn’t giving handouts/giving handouts in a manner that the recipients arent satisfied)
2. Advisers wake ndio wabaya (the goon has tried to reach the aspirant and be that adviser, with little or no success)
3. Huyo? That’s a very serious joker! (In their evaluation, that aspirant is too poor to dish out handouts)
4. Ground imemkubali (that one has distributed handouts in the recommended proportions)
5.Huyo ataanguka asubuhi (that one refused to produce any money)
6. Mwambie akuje ground (tell him to bring handouts)
7. Kwa ground watu wanasema ni wewe tu (please put your hand in the pocket and give me something)

Additional comments:

Aloo O Sarai: Hajatosha mboga!Asubuhi na mapema Aspirant X ananawa mdomo na yeye????

Ogut Awinyo Ja-Deep State: Your youths are here in their hundreds and they want to listen to you (we are only 3 of us here and we need money to eat)

Erick Omoga: Hata huku kwetu watu wanakuulizia.. Tuko kama maboys mia tatu na wamama nikibao.. Sasa maboys wanasema utumeko kakitu.. Weka tu kwa hii namba.. Mheshimiwa wewe uliweza..

Meanwhile on the ranking of senators, best performing and worst
As usual, if you intend to locate Gideon Moi’s name in the performance ranking of the senators, you begin from the bottom
He is a neighbor to the ever smiling Amos Wako, at the bottom of table. Mutula sits at the apex. Murkomen also ranks second highest
Strangely, it is Moi, who wants to be your president, even with his lacklustre performance and not the Mutula with his sterling record
If elections are held today and junior Moi contests against Junior Mutula, be sure, Mutula will see dust
He will be ranked with Kaluyu, and that madman from Chechnya called Kukubo Nixon and Duale’s side-chick Nazlin Umar and other such acrobats
This means this ranking shouldn’t give tangatanga any orgasm
In other news, I hear that team named after an Indian god Harambee has been shown stars, this evening!
I’ve heard an expert say they played well, but sadly, at some point, their ears blocked and since they couldn’t hear an opponent, they were beaten
Although, they’ve not won any match since the days of the Gossage cup, we still love the team. It is ours. You cannot disown your child because he is battling a bangi addiction



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