Dear Murkomen, President Uhuru doesn’t hate Ruto, he doesn’t find value in their continued friendship

Dear Murkomen, President Uhuru doesn’t hate Ruto, he doesn’t find value in their continued friendship

By Jerome Ogola

MURKOMEN, of all the people, genuinely loves William and feels his tribulations
In his hunt for power, anything he he will manage, even if it will be a squirrel and not the intended buffalo, Dr Ruto must give Murkomen a prominent share that which the Swahili call “mnofu”
On what mistake Ruto did that provoked Uhuru, Murkomen should understand better that there is nothing wrong Ruto did that would warrant this kind of contempt, the former is experiencing
It is just an issue of convenience.
They are no longer traveling the same direction or destination. Ebrahim Hussein, a Tanzanian playwright in his Swahili work Mashetani, said “mpanda ngazi na mshuka ngazi” hawawezi kushikana mikono
In the days they walked holding hands wearing identical n ties, they weren’t in love as such, only that their interests converged

Similarly, today, there isn’t any hatred. Uhuru doesn’t hate Ruto. He doesn’t find value in their continued friendship
When Ruto parted ways with Rayila, immediately after the 2007 elections, there wasn’t any mistake Rayila did, only that their interests no longer converged
All those you heard/hear, were mere excuses!

Again, Kenya’s political history is awash with tombs of political betrayals and a lawyer of Murkomen’s calibre should know better, that there is absolutely nothing unique Ruto that would exempt him from what others have faced in the past

Prof Saitoti was Moi’s vice president for a staggering 14 years. Later when Moi’s sunset at the throne came, he told the university of Warwick trained mathematics professor, on his face, that he was a friend, but friendship and leadership were to different things
He instead fished Uhuru from some Jug Daniels den, spruced him, polished him and handed him the baton
Shit happens

Congolese musician Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba also known as Koffi Olomide, in his hit song Loi, said “lokuta eyaka na ascenseur, vérité eyaka na escalier”.This translates to “lies takes the elevator (lift), while the truth comes through the staircase”

After years of lies, that led to incitement and hatred against Raila Odinga, the truth which too the staircase has finally arrived home
The man who is holding William by the two hairy tennis balls isn’t Rayila Mak’Odinga but Uhuru Kenyatta himuselefu

Tangatanga are wasting their anger on Jakom. The dog is barking the wrong tree!
Meanwhile Koffi Olomide isn’t one of my many favourite musicians. I don’t listen to his songs
I kept a few in my computer, but when I encountered a post in these streets of Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg, comparing him to Franco I got angry and deleted all the kick boxer’s songs
This wall is a rumba shrine and apart from this instance, you will always read about very serious rumba musicians and not Koffi and such acrobats

Dear Murkomen, President Uhuru doesn’t hate Ruto, he doesn’t find value in their continued friendship


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