The harsh words DP Ruto used against Baba Raila are now being used against him and will get worse

If Raila asks me to chose a 2022 worthy opponent he will beat and smile, I pick Ruto without batting an eyelid

Photo: Statehouse operative David Murathe has made it clear that he will mobilise against DP Ruto 2022, he is alleged be the face of deep state.

There are instances when a bullet from your guns turns around to tear into your own flesh
This happens when the projectile is deflected by an impenetrable object, forcing it to take another direction, depending on the velocity and other factors
It is called a ricochet. Sometime before the 2013 elections, while addressing a public rally in the outskirts of Kapsabet town, Dr Ruto said he didn’t know who would be Kenya’s next president but he was certain it will not be one particular person of course that person was the “mganga” from Bondo

His own words have come to haunt him, with Murathe stating the same, only adding that his team will burn the midnight oil, to ensure a specific person doesn’t succeed Kenyatta
That’s a bullet from the muzzle of Ruto’s own gun. In the days when we hunted, there were instances you’d set a snare to trap an antelope, but latter, where you go to collect your ‘vegetable’ you find your own dog in the trap!

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Meanwhile I erroneously forecasted that Murkomen and Sudi were rehearsing a counter attack
I thought Murkomen will be tasked to respond to complex intellectual matters as Sudi articulates the crude parts, in response, because it seems Murathe is a combination of the two
Shockingly, it is the commander himself who has fired the first salvo to the enemy camp. When you see the top most General enter the battle field, it means stakes are so high
In a tweet, the DP describes Murathe as a consultant of corruption who has been looting while scapegoating him (Ruto). Says he, the man was a pauper in 2013, but graft has turned his fortunes into a billionaire he is today

I know Kieleweke troops are also receiving last instructions before being deployed to provide reinforcements to Murathe. It’s will be noisier and messier than the the divorce Wetangula promised Rayila Mak’Odinga

Mhudumu must now add a mug of hot peppered hoof soup, we sit and watch as Afro Cinema continues. Rayila Mujahideen are entitled to an abundance of orgasm, over this development
The mambas of the Jordan are finally eating themselves to extinction!

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By Jerome Ogola via Facebook

The harsh words DP Ruto used against Baba Raila are now being used against him and will get worse


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