Why being Raila Odinga is hard, very hard, picture this

Why being Raila Odinga is hard, very hard, picture this

By Kiberenge Junior

Being Raila is very hard. When somebody dies, you are accused of doing nothing to heal them.

When you criticise the government, you are referred to as enemy of development and Lord of poverty. When you support the government, you are accused of sanitizing corruption. They think you are the DCI, EACC, DPP and Judge. When you keep quite, you are criticised for saying nothing. When you speak, they brand you as a master of discord.

When you lead demonstrations, you are branded as an economic saboteur.

When you abandon the demonstrations, you are accused of abandoning the struggle.

When you say Waiguru is a thief, they praise her as a hero, and even organize rituals to curse you.

When you accept her and embrace her because they elected her, they say you are sanitizing a thief.

When you oppose Uhuru, they love him. When you support Uhuru, they hate you and brand you as embracing corruption and dictatorship.
Being Raila is very hard.

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Many people have wrote Raila’s political obituaries many times over the last decade. The 2017 election was apparently touted and packaged as a send off for Raila to Bondo, so we were told. But most of those who have wrote the obituaries have met their political death ahead of him, leaving him standing high and more stronger.
Raila Odinga will pull a card from his sleeve that will turn the political landscape upside down.

For the record, Raila’s opponent is not Ruto, or Mudavadi or Dida, or Aukuru Aukot or Kilungu Kilungu. Raila’s opponent is and has always been the SYSTEM- the people who count the votes, the people who own the instruments of violence, the owners of the server.

Remember Kenya’s election format has three critical stages for one to become President
The first stage is voting by the masses. This is a formality stage. It doesn’t matter so much. And it has little effect on the end result
The second stage is counting of the votes by the system. Whether you win or lose at this stage is not very important.
The third and final stage is violence. This is the most important stage as it is here that the Presidency is won or lost. The system will always win at this stage because they command all the apparatus of violence.

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