Two simple questions DP Ruto supporters cannot answer

Two simple questions DP Ruto supporters cannot answer

Photo: Propagandists Mutahi Ngunyi (left) and Dennis Itumbi (Right) leading the anti-Ruto and Pro-Ruto online campaigns.

By Wahome Thuku via Facebook

THERE you have it. If you ask any TangaTanga online minion from Murang’a what is likely to change in the County should William Ruto become President, they have only two answers.
1. What has Uhuru changed?
2. What will Raila change?
Now when you support a candidate, don’t just support him with your heart and emotions, you must try to support him with some brains and intellect as well.

In fact, going forward towards the elections your candidate will already be happy with your emotions, he will be looking for brains and if you don’t have them he will look for them elsewhere.

You must be to speak LIKE your candidate. Be in a position to explain in details what your candidate will deliver and explain in clearly and with precision. In this case I am imagining you are an intellectual but sorry if you are not.
You must be able to tell anyone what you candidate will do, even if the candidate will actually not do it.

Assume that you are in a live TV interview and the interviewer asked you, “what will your candidate do for your county?” Will you start fumbling…ohh what has Uhuru done and what will Raila do?

Soon Ruto will be asked to state what he wants to do for specific people like avocado farmers. Do you expect him to ask what Uhuru has done and what Raila will do?

Uhuru is going home, Raila has not said he will be president. What will your candidate do in your County? If by not able to answer that, just type “Dynasties Must Fall”.


Shaban Rajab: What i know kenyan youths are too broke..I included and if someone is broke and he is sure there’s free cash somewhere he will shout but come 2022 Ruto atashangaa,I think he once laughed at Tinga because of big crowds..Those are jobless youths hoping for handouts after Arap kimwarer speech and most are Chokora’s.

Wayong’o Ignatius
: If the same hard questions were posed in 2017 and 2013 Jubilee will be nowhere near power but I understand you because this is a non Kikuyu presidential candidate…

John Mukabi: The other day I asked a tangatanga minion what is Ruto’s ideology on growth and politics but the answer was “Ruto rose from a chicken seller to where he is and is a role model to young people”

Two simple questions DP Ruto supporters cannot answer


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