Top writer Maverick Aoko Otieno falls in love with Luo “ofan”, a good young hot professor!


Photo: Kenya’s top writer Aoko Otieno and professor Maxwell Odongo.

“If I choose to, there’s nothing you can do about it… Only bandy words…
I’m not a fool. Aoko and ofan in flesh and blood” Aoko Otieno posted

Aoko Otieno

Treasury has allowed Dons to TRIPLE University fees. Preposterous!! So education will be a preserve of the elite?
Oya my Juba husband Profesa Ochieng Odongo, hasten the dowry payment so that I can convert it to fees. Your gumbaru damsel needs to clear school so that we can start making babies.

Profesa Ochieng Odongo replied
“Mit . I love you ma’am 💕


Reaghan Otieno
All the best Aoko Otieno in your entanglement with ofan…but remember our cameras are everywhere

Mike Mwangi
Profesa doesn’t care how much English you know or how many titles you have. If he wants to eat you he will eat you. Aoko!

Prince Martin
Maverick….I have never seen you throw such infectious smile…even during serious interviews..ofan utawesa!

Steve Ogolla
Ofan, I’m finished 😭

Bellasto Nyathi Josakwa
This post has made me happy, i have shown my son he is happy, my son has shown his father,the father is happy also, the father has shown father in law he is happy too, the father in law has shown the mother in law, she is happy too now mother in law has shown the whole village they are happy

Karani Ochieng Jr.
The Earth has taken its side, this has caught our mouths zero but it is going to be business unusual. Brain meets Brain!

Gladys Akinyi Sadia Duya
Aoko OtienoI’m happy if you are happy nyamin. But I will be so sad if it ends with tears nyamin. Slaykwinde butieki e ground

Tyson Okello K’okwany
This should be the best couple ever, you should give birth to children, most bright ones..
Congratulations Nyere..

Becky Nyarkawino
Just make sure you two don’t fight, otherwise English will choke us. It will suffocate us all🤣🤣🤣.

Nyakwar Oloo
Dear Scophine Aoko Otieno of level head and lucid brain power. Profesa Ochieng Odongo there beside you is a fine gentleman. A gifted keyboard user and a comical internet slayking. The combination of the two of you, birds of a feather, can yield the eighth wonder of the world but before you feel his heartbeat, kindly hide his cameras 😂😂😂

Faith Iffa
😂😂😂ofan sal eat he’s a certified freak ☠it will end in premium tears watch the pace 😂😂😂

Raphael Onis
Ofan is a true legend… everything is possible ooooh


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